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The Existential Diversity of Sperm
by Gabriel St. Claire for a 300-level Human Sexuality course
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  The average ejaculate contains between 6 - 13 cc's of fluid (1 - 2 teaspoons); averages 15 calories, has most of the 191 amino acids found in Somatropin (HGH) and has over 90 trace minerals.

  Semen has a pH of 7 and tastes acidic because of uric acid residue.  During ejaculation, the cowper gland releases an acid neutralizer to protect the sperm on its journey through the urethra.  The cowper rinses out most seminal impurities.  Sperm is composed of 5% testicular fluid; 60% seminal fluid, 30% prostate fluid and 5% is cowper fluid.

  Testicle fluid transports the sperm cells to the prostate where prostate fluid is added to nourish the sperm cells.  Prostate fluid neutralizes acid in the female vaginal tract and can leak as 'pre-cum' when the penis is stimulated.   Ejaculate travels at 17kph +/-.  Hydration and nutrition radically influence the quantity and quality of semen.  Geneticists believe that women physiology can benefit from regular doses of sperm.

  Ejaculate contains 1% sperm (100 - 600 million sperm) which would barely cover the period at the end of this sentence.  The remaining 99% is designed to protect, feed and fuel the sperm to their ultimate destination:

ascorbic acid (1)
antigens (2) calcium
citric acid
DNA (3) fructose
glutathione (4) hyaluronidase (5)
inositol (6)
lactic acid
purine (7)
pyrimidin (8)
pyruvic acid (9)
sodium (10)
sorbitol (11)
urea (12)
uric acid(13)
vitamin B12
citric acid
biocarbonate (14)

(1) vitamin C
(2) proteins that stimulate the production of antibodies
(3) deoxyribonucleic acid
(4) the frontline: an important protein that kills free radicals
(5) protein that breaks-up acid, to lower the viscosity and increase the permeability of connective tissue and the absorption of fluids
(6) an alcohol that is a component of vitamin B
(7) special alkalies or bases that when mixed with acids create various types of salt
(8) an organic compound that causes the smell
(9) a colorless acid that aids in metabolism or fermentation
(10) pure salt
(11) A sugar alcohol (sweetener) with 4 calories per gram
(12) the chief solid component of mammalian urine; amazingly and stupidly, this is synthesized from ammonia and carbon dioxide to be used as fertilizer, in animal feed and in plastics
(13) tasteless, odorless crystalline product of protein metabolism; found in both blood and urine
(14) bicarbonate buffers are bases

  Sperm can be imitated by mixing egg whites, coconut milk, citrus juice and bitters into a yogurt base.  Experiment until you get the perfect blend.

  Natural sperm production is enhanced by eating red meat, fish, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs, beer, coffee and multivitamins.

  The average man will ejaculate between 13 to 16 gallons of sperm over his lifetime.  Volume can be greatly increased with supplements. 

Sperm is the most powerful substance in the physical Universe

- Human physiology indiscriminately scavenges, absorbs and assimilates epigenomes found to be superior in an external source. 

Genetic lineage is recorded in the epigenomes riding on DNA, where an epigenetic chemical code controls how our genes are expressed, turning them on or off with dramatic consequences to our health.  The epigenomes respond to environment, lifestyle, stress levels; what we ingest and breathe to create an enduring imprint on future generations.  Quantum Physics also postulates that generations of choices and our entire genetic lineage is recorded in DNA's bio-photonic memory so that conditions experienced by our progenitors can be genetically passed on to our posterity.  Because genetic liabilities are a cause for shame, most guys do not know what their genetic liabilities are because that information was withheld.   

The fusion of epigenomic memory with bio-photonic memory creates a genetic foundation for biocybergenics.    

Quantum Sperm...

Dogs hear above the Human audio spectrum.  Cats can see beyond the Human visual spectrum.  Bats use echo location and dolphins use sonar  --  there are qualities contained in sperm that exists outside Human sensory perception.  The oversimplified perception of the 'slimy white goo' is more accurately, and literally, a base-4 biocybergenic computer program. 

- A male body can distinguish hormones that are internally manufactured from hormones that are not naturally generated.  It is still possible, however, to adversely misguide ones natural physiology into a hormonal dependency if large quantities of sperm are consumed from a single source over an extended period.   Prolonged consumption can gradually overwrite a consumer's physiology with attributes of the supplier.  A consumer could inherit a liability for choices made by his supplier's progenitors for better or for worse.  A consumer could mysteriously change religions, adopt a previously unnatural temperament; a shorter or longer lifespan and experience psychiatric patterns that were previously unnatural.  Prolonged continuous consumption will begin to show the described side effects within 10 months.  The first noticeable sign occurs when the consumer's natural eye color changes to match the suppliers eye color.  The consumer's physiology, believing that its natural hormone production is redundant, will simply shut down:  Natural hormone production, once terminated, is virtually impossible to re-start.      

Infrequent consumption is negligible since the consumer's physiology may choose to ignore, rather than absorb the foreign genetic material.  Multiple sources encourage a consumer's physiology to maintain natural hormone production because multiple sources are easier to detect and distinguish from one's natural hormone production.  Excluding the risk of STD's, and speaking strictly from a genetic viewpoint:  Multiple suppliers are safer than one, over a prolonged period of time.  At the time of this writing, there are no known cases of genetically disfigured pivot men because multiple sources prevent ones natural hormone production from shutting down.  Women are not affected at all.          

The Epistemology of Sperm:

For over 7,000 years, semen was regarded by Earth's most advanced civilizations as an erotic and sacramental Elixir Vitae / Elixir of Life.  Sperm embodied the Life Force of Nature in liquid form, Liquor Vitae.  As such, the adoring devotees of phallic-worshiping cultures practiced sexual rites where drinking sperm was festively engaged.  Sperm represented more than a sacramental wine -- it was the most powerful substance in the physical Universe. 

In ancient Sumer, the word "abzu" meant both semen and water, where the chief deity Enki was eternally venerated by drinking semen.  Father Enki stood proudly like a rampant bull, lifted His penis over the Euphrates and filled the Tigris with sparkling water, whereupon the Tigris surrendered to him Her bridal gift through which joy and rebirth came to the people.  

Anciently, women coaxed men to make their milk sweet to better enjoy its nutritious and erotic benefits.  A stanza from
"The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi" [Sumerian poetry, 3000 BCE] reads, "Make your milk sweet and thick, my bridegroom; my shepherd, I will drink your fresh milk.  Wild bull, Dumuzi, make your milk sweet and thick.  I will drink your fresh milk."

Remarkably, there exists intriguing evidence that the Christian Eucharist [Sacrament/Communion] had its origins founded in an ancient Canaanite / Israelite rite that "...involved the anointing and swallowing of sacred semen, an orgiastic ritual that had been the bane of the Old Testament prophets a thousand years before..."  [John Romer, Testament: The Bible and History,  p. 194]

Known as the "Agape" (Love Feast), the early Christians used and swallowed actual semen in their communion rites.  Following the Nicene Creed in 325 C.E., Papal Rome denounced this earlier Christian ordinance and instituted its own non-erotic version of the "Chrism."  The Roman Church vilified the popular semen ceremony by denouncing it as the "malodorous chrism" while calling its own version the "Eucharist"  (Greek for "Good Chrism"... i.e., sans semen).   In modern times when the term "Eucharist" is spoken, Christianity unknowingly extols its erotic origin; "chrism" a.k.a. "semen."


Because the highest concentration of unadulterated genetic material is contained in sperm, it is theorized that physically and genetically deficient guys can benefit by consuming the sperm of genetically faultless men.  Not just the possibility of disease, but the metaphysical consequences of epigenomic assimilation should be the greatest concern when swallowing sperm.  Whether you kill yourself or heal yourself, "... to thyself be true."             

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