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1. WHEN were your children removed and did CPS explain why they were taking them?

2. Did the caseworker(s) enter your home without a search warrant?

3. Did a caseworker or police have a COURT ORDER signed by a JUDGE stating that your children were in imminent physical danger and needed immediate emergency removal?

4. Were you forced to sign a CHINS order making your kids wards of the State?

5. Have your visitation privileges been taken away so that you don't get to see your children?

6. Have the caseworkers, counselors, home team workers, and the Judge treated you with respect, or have you been treated like dirt?

7. Have you done EVERYTHING CPS has asked you to do (like counseling, parenting classes, anger management, etc.) and have you followed the case plan to a "t" yet still haven't been able to get your kids back?

8. Do you have to pay child support?

9. Did CPS put your children in kinship care (a SAFE relative's home) or were your kids put with complete strangers?

10. Are your children in safe homes or do you suspect that they are being physically and/or sexually abused in foster or state care? Give examples if they are being abused.

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