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The Mazdian Law =
The Life and the Light of God.

The Uhura Mazdian Law =
God shapes His thoughts into words.

The Zarathustrian Law =
God registers His thoughts with Man.













1. God lives in a psionically permeated environment where thoughts can become reality.  

2. The discipline and self control required to dwell in this environment can only be assertained by those capable of surving in such an enrivonment.  

3. Since knowledge to one extreme can not be assessed without experiencing its opposite, a decellerated state of time was partitioned within space to house temporal mortality.

4. Where God comprehends the beginning and end of all things and knows the number of worlds that He has made and calles each one by name -- the function of learning can not be accomplished in God's perfect psionic environment.

5. In God's environment, an act of ignorance can unravel the very nature of God, therefore, a decellerated state of timespace is created in which the inexperienced can acquire knowledge, wisdom, faith and experience.  

6. In the Mind of God, who created time, the nature of temporal mortality serves as a filter for all created beings.  

7. The essence of what each mortal truly is can be refined through the obsticles posed by mortality.  

8. The objective of mortality is to return to God more informed than we were when He knew us before time began.

9. Before God created the world, we were with God in His perfect environment, but our inherant nature as individuals could not be determined.  

10. We did not feel at liberty to choose in God's perfect environment.

11. Without the presence of temptation to influence us to say and think things contrary to the will of God, we interacted in our spirit forms as perfect entities.  

12. We were not the only Eternal Beings created by the Eternal Father.  We have spiritual brothers and sisters who lived and will yet live on other worlds.

13. At a special moment in pre-Earth time, when a sufficient number of our spirit forms were created, the Eternal Father convened a counsel in Heaven to consider how our spirit forms might attain the next level of existance.  

14. It was during that event, that Our Father in Heaven explained the process of gaining a mortal body, into which our spirit forms would be infused.  Our bodies would become like Our Father in Heaven's, having flesh and bone.

15. During our mortality we would have our agency to make choices and to learn the difference between good and evil.

16. A Veil of Forgetfullness would cloud the memory of our pre-existant life with our Father in Heaven.

17. Those souls on Earth that made right choices would return to Father in Heaven in a Glorified Body.  

18. To be fair: Father in Heaven would judge us based upon our life's circumstances, to determine whether or not our decisions were of goodly intent, or evil.  

19. It was also revealed that some of us would not make the right choices and that some of us would fail to return to Our Father In Heaven.

20. Most of us were delighted at the opportunity to prove ourselves to Our Father, but there were some who became afraid.

21. Since the knowledge of anything can not be measured without a knowledge of its opposite, the Secret Wisdom of God knew that one among us would try to destroy God's Eternal Plan.

22. Those who were afraid asked about the fate of those who failed to make correct choices.

23. Our Father explained that the learning process involved making mistakes.  

24. "Then how will those who make incorrect choices return to Your presence?" some asked in fear.

25. Then Lucifer, the Guardian of Our Father's throne, whose spirit was filled with every kind of musical instrument, offered a solution:

26. "Put me in charge of the plan while everyone cycles through, and I will guarantee that nobody fails.  All I ask is that you give ME the glory."

27. At least one third of the hosts present thought that Lucifer's plan was failsafe.  Those who were afraid agreed with Lucifer completely.

28. There was another of God's First Born who saw a serious flaw with Lucifer's proposal:  If Lucifer wanted to FORCE everyone to obey -- then why go through the plan at all?  Didn't the absense-of-choice completely defeat the purpose?

29. For all intents and purposes, Lucifer's plan was already in effect: In God's perfect environment -- nobody ever disobeyed God.  Why would we?

30. Not only did Lucifer's plan contradict the intention of the Eternal Father, but Lucifer's motive was to glorify himself afterward; for executing the exact opposite of the Will of God.  It would seem then, that Lucifer simply sought an opportunity to glorify himself beyond the station he already possessed.  Jesus was moved with compassion toward allof us when He said, "No: Let them allcycle through mortality without fear, but send me, Father, to redeem them.  I will die for them, to attone for allof their incorrect choices, and to YOU, Eternal Father, be ALL of the Glory."

The wisdom and love of Jesus Christs solution pleased the Eternal Father greatly.  Lucifer, not to be rebuffed, seized upon the fearof those who were afraid by proclaiming that only his plan was fail safe, so those who were afraid began to side with Lucifer's failsafe plan.  Those that sided with Lucifer totalled one third of all who were there, while two thirds agreed with Jesus Christ.

The semantics surrounding this issue escallated from a debate into a bona fide spiritual war in Heaven, during which, Lucifer, a creation of God, attempted to unseat the Eternal Father and replace Our Creator with himself.

Our Father in Heaven evicted Lucifer and one third of the Heaven Hosts who sided with him, from Heaven and banished them to our newly formed world.  In the secret wisdom of Our Father, Lucifer and his fallen host would create the necessary evil on Earth that did not exist until Lucifer incited the Heavenly War.

Although Our Father In Heaven was the Chief Architect and Aurthor of timespace, the Universe and all of its contents, Jesus Christ was the Executor of God's Will, and all of us helped Jesus with the construction of Earth.  God's voice alone evoked all living things, but as Sons of God, we did not observe without participating.  Each of us possessed unique and various creative talents.

There were worlds before this one and many more yet to come, but our world is unique in that The Only Begotton, Jesus Christ, would come to this world and redeem not only our own insolvance, but the improper choices made by all beings everywhere.  One Attonement and One Grace would redeem the entire Universe.

For his faultless devition, obedience and love, Jesus Christ alone would gain the glory of the entire Universe by the edict of Our Father, the Eternal Creator.

In order for our spiritual infusion into mortality to accomplish The Father's intention, it was necessary that our souls not completely remember our preexistance with God.  This veil of forgetfulness that accompanies our birth was imposed by God by His grand design.  Mortality could not properly function as a filter without this veil.  If we remembered our preexistance with resolute clarity, then our choices onEarth would have severe consequences not unlike the War in Heaven, should we fail as mortals.

God, in His great wisdom, already knew that our mortal existance apart from Him would make us suspectible to tragedy and failure, but the redemption of Jesus Christ would absolve us, who sided with Jesus during the Heavenly War.  Because we did side with Jesus, we are already absolved, but our choices on Earth still have an eternal consequence, and God will decide according to the circumstances of our lives, whether our decisions and actions were inclined toward good or evil.

Only the perfect wisdom of our Eternal Father is qualified to create a criterion that can judge us based on perfect justice.  Since we do not live in an acutely psionic environment on Earth, we are incapable of assessing the decisions of others based on every nuance of their sensory perception, like God can and does.

To begin the cycle of mortality, God created a Garden near what is now called Independence, Missouri.  With a watershell surrounding the planet inthe upper atmosphere, harmful radiation from the sun was disseminated within the watershell so that the kenetic energy in the shell maintained the entire Earth at n ideal climate.  There were no polar caps covered with ice because those regions too were at a perfect temperature, suitable for sustaining unclothed mortals, year around.  

God took native materials from the soil, salt water and minerals and shaped the first mortal tabernacle for spirutual infusion.  

Seeing that this design for spiritual infusion was perfect, God tagged every cell of His creation with a self-replicating instruction program that we call DNA today, and the Lord programmed each DNA to improve upon its own design with each replication.  When the Lord observed that His programming was faultless and that the Human shape functioned prefectly, He selected the Archangel Michael, whose valliancy during the Heavenly War was without precedent, and infused Michael's spirt into the faultlessly functioning Human form.  

To insure that both the spiritual infusion and the veil of forgetfulness functioned properly, God set Michael within the Garden that He called Eden and named the first mortal, Adam.  There, in Eden, God gave Adam free reign of thej Garden with instructions to feed his body from the fruit of the trees and to name all of the other creatures that he saw.  

Adam obeyed the will of God, but in due course wondered why he did not have a female counterpart like allof the creatures that he had named.  God placed Adam in a deep sleep, extracted DNA from his faultlessly functioning body, designed a female version of Adam and infulsed Adams modified DNA into the female.  When God observed that his female shape also functioned faultlessly, He selected a spirit whose valiancy was comparable to Michaels during the Heavenly War, and infulsed her spirit into the female shape.  Adam named the woman, Eve, and God instructed her to obey and help Adam.

The design, so far, had been conducted with faultless percision, and eth Eternal FAther, incapable of error or misjudgement, withdrew to Heaven so that his wisdom would unfold according to plan.  Jesus Christ, who would inherit the title to the entire Universe, accompanied the Eternal Father as his exhaulted understudy and servant.  From that moment forward, Jesus became the Chief administratorof Heaven and Earth in preparation for what was to come and all of us obeyed with will of Jesus Christ, whose plan we fought for, and was currently in progress.

Lucifer, Son of the Morning and one of the firstborn of God, whose soul was filled with every kind of musical instrument; who led the revolt against God, his father, in an attempt to replace the Eternal God with himself, had become the leader of all of those who were afraid of Christ's plan and fought against God on Lucifer's side.  That entire one third of the Heavenly Hosts had been banished to EArth with Lucifer in charge.  They were not subjected to the veil of forgetfulness as they were not knowlingly a part of Christ's plan.

Only the secret wisdom of God knew in advance where the necessary dynamic of evil would come from, and Lucifers hosts composed that evil.

Lucifer knew that his fate had been sealed when he, in the presence of God, sought to overthrow the Lord in a winner-take-all revolution.  Lucifer would never agin regain thepower and prestige that he formerly held, neither would he return to God's glory nor gain a mortal body that would be glorified according to Christ's plan.  Lucifer and his hosts did not endorse Christs plan and were not subjected to any part of it for their rebellion against God.

Without the Glory of God to empower him, Lucifer began to seath with a loathing hatred toward everything created by God designed to conduct valliant spirits through mortality and back to God in glorified bodies.  Lucifer wanted to unravel everything that his rival, Jesus Christ, represented.  Lucifer wanted to destroy God's works and invalidate the solvancy of a beautifully designed solution.

Because our spirits are
naturally drawn toward God from within, and because Lucifer the Evil One, is not without a full knowledge of God, the Eternal Father, Lucifer, who became Satan, realized immediately that he could not hurt God through full pledged acts of belligerance toward mortals all of the time.  Lucifer had to employ tactics that were more subtle and confusing to to unknowledgable mortals where he might actually enlist the support of those that he deceived.

His first bona fide test was with Eve.  He knew that Michael's spirit was too strong -- it had ben Michael who had fought against him and won.  Eve, however, the devil might confuse and deceive, and gain his retribution toward Michael, renamed Adam, through her.

Even had taken her leave of Adam, to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the garden, where in the center, God had planted two trees and forbid both Adam and Eve to eat from either one.  A curious thing it was, for God to plant two trees that served no other purpose than to be avoided.  Was not the garden perfect like its perfect creator?  Why then would the Lord deliberately install an element of temptation unless it was designed to test the obedience of the gardners?  Perhapse that curiousity is what compelled Eve to examine the trees more closely; close enough to observe a sperpent slithering among the branches.

Satan, who had possess the serpent said to Eve, "Didn't God say, that if you ate from these two trees, that you would die?"  "Yes, of course He did," Eve replied.  "Well, let me clarify something for you," the serpent said, "You  won't really die: You will gain instead, the wisdom and knowledge that God has, and become like Him -- that is why He doesn't want you to eat from these trees."

Eve was not wise enough to ask, "Then, if thatis the case, why would God plant something that He didn't want us to even touch, within reach?"  Instead, Eve saw that the fruit looked very appetizing, and up until that moment in time, she had never ben subjected to any kind of deception.  The world was perfect.  The garden was perfect.  God is perfect.  The fruit looked delicious and the serpent claimed that eating it would make her wise like God.

What could possibly be wrong with that?  What physiological and biological properties did the fruit contain so that Human synapse would suddenly tap into a Universe of information not previously known?  Even the possibilities looked appetizing!

How is it that Satan knew what the trees represented so that he could entice Eve with that secret information?  And there were two trees: One contained the knowledge of good and evil and the other one was the Tree of Life, both of them right there within reach.

The trees had been planted there to entice Satan, not Eve.  Satan, already condemned for his rebellion, had begun his losing steak by playing right into the handof God, who knew his wayward son's mind too well.  Eve took the fruit and ate it.  Satan, being one of the firstborn of God, was not illiterate on the subject of genetics and reproduction.  Eve became aware of her nakedness andSatan introduced her to the carnal pleasures of sex, where she conceived Cain, a son of Satan, not Adam.

To prove to Adam how naive they had both been, she plucked more fruit from the forbidden tree and went in search of Adam.  She did not tell Adam that she had had sex with the devil, because she perceived the serpent as being a creature that obviously knew more than they did, after all, she didn't die.  

After explaining her discourse with the serpent to Adam, she took another bite of the fruit toemphasize that God apparently was not being on-the-level with them.  "See," she said, "it's very good."  Eve could see that Adam's body was outrageously desirable but she knew that he would never know the joy of sex until the fog was lifted from his mind regarding his own nakedness.  Adam, on the other hand, could see that he was in a very serious quandry.  

If God was serious, Eve was doomed and he would once again find himself alone without her.  If, on the other hand, there was more to the supernatural power of this fruit that God had revealed, and it had been within reach all along, then mayube he sould find out what Eve's outrageous entheusiasm was all about, after all, she was standing there, very much alive and well.  Adam also loved Eve enough to share her fait; to live with her, or die with her, whichever one.

Adam conceded to her logic and prodding and ate some of the fruit.  At that moment, his eyes were indeed opened and he beheld Eve's body, for the first time, with masculine carnal instinctiveness that Eve was only too willing to guide him through.

The first, perfectly built Man, copulated with the first perfectly built woman, for the first time; both of them designed and shaped by the Hand of God personally.  It may well have been after they both climaxed an untold number of times, wherein Able was also conceived, that God, the Father, who knew everything without asking, returned to the Garden in search of Adam and Eve.

As God, now the Lord Jesus Christ approached, Adam and Eve became riddled with guilt for discovering sex -- eating of the forbidden fruit wasnot of high concern to them, so they covered their private parts with fig leaves, where modesty had previously been unheard of.  God could see this also, but in order to teach them, He had to address the mechanics of their indescretion in the sequence of events as they occurred.

The veil of forgetfulness not only worked, but now they had carnal knowledge too.  If the potential for sexual passion had not been built into the Human body by God, then mortal procreation would have never been conducted.  There were billions of spirits that had to cycle through mortality, therefore, it was necessary that sexual passion be overengineereed into our bodies to guarantee procreative activity among mortals.

God was blnt, and knowing the answer fully, asked anyway, "Did you eat the fruit that I forbade you to eat?"  Adam said,"Well, she gave it to me!"  Eve further defended, "The serpent gave it to me, so I ate it."  God was also aware of the other unmamed activity between her and the devil.  "Your bodies, which I created to last forever, " God said, "will now degenerate and die because of your disobedience."  To Eve , He said, "You will suffer severe pain in childbirth; I am well aware of what you did. As you have observed the animals around you -- that is how your children are conceived."  

To Adam, God said, "I must now evict you from this perfect garden where your every need was taken care of by my perfect design.  Now, you will plant your own food and work very hard to survive.  I don't want you, with carnal knowledge, to eat of the tree of life and live indulgently in this perfect place with nothing better to do than copulate for eternity.

God ejected Adam and Eve from the garden and placed a Heavenly sentinel at the entrance to prevent them from returning and to remind them of what they once had, when they were fully obedient to God.  Because of the harshness of their new life was so severe, Adam and Eve often blameed the act of sex as being the principle reason for their expulsion from paradise.  That logic compelled them to abstain from sexual activity until Cain and Able grew up and became young men.

God's parting gesture to Adam and Eve had been to fashion clothing from animal skins for them, so modesty seemed to be the greatest inhibitor of promiscious behivior.  It reinforced the notion that sex had been their downfall, whikle unknown to them, several billion more spirits were anxiously awaiting their turn to cycle through mortality.

Cain, sired by the devil, whom Adam raised as his own, had more in common with his spiritual sire than he did with Adam.  Able was of Adams seed, but Adam had never been made aware of Eve's innagural bout with Satan, so Adam assumed that both boys were his own.

He loved them both and raised them both to fear God.  As young adults, they assumed the function of worshiping God in their own way.  Able brought before the Lord, the choistest of his flock and sacrificed it to God, while Cain selected the refuseof his crop and sacrificed it to God too.  God was naturally pleasedwith Able's intention but not pleased with Cain at all.  Seeing how polarized God's attitude was toward their sacrifices, Cain murdered Able; the first recorded murder.  

When Cain realied that his action against Able was irreversible, he attempted to flee from the presence of God and his family.  "Your brother's blood criew to me from the ground," God said to Cain.  Instead of taking Cain's life, God banished Cain to the outer regions away from his home.  He marked Cain and promised Cain that anyone who killed him would suffer a fate seven times worse.

Eve gave birth to Seth and then to many more children under the direction of God in order to accelerate populating the Earth.

Because Cain knew God fully, since God had revealed himself to Cain, and yet, Cain chose to rubuke and mock God, Cain became the first Son of Perdition to cycle into mortality.  A Son of Perdition is a spirit that cycles to Earth and gains a knowledge of God so complete, that the veil of forgetfulness no longer constrains their memory or their awareness of creation and preexistance.

When a mortal attains perfecft knowledge and yet chooses to reject God and/or fight against God: He becomes Perdition, beyond the redemptive power of Christs blood.  There will be 5 Sons of Perdition to cycle into mortality before Jesus Christ returns to Earth the 2nd time in power andglory.  3 of those Sons of Perdition have already lived and died.  Two of them are yet to come in the form of the False Phrophet and the Antichrist.

Adam lived 40 years shy of a full millenium, and was privledged to wittness the dawn of civilization.  Metheusala lived to be 980 years old and Enoch governed a city that was so intuned to the ways of God that God translated the entire city.

Because the Earth's climate was perfect, civilizations spread to every continent on the globe displaying various degrees of gldliness.  Some excelled with technology while others sacrificed Humans indroves to false gods.  Nimrod, the 2nd Son of Perdition, built a great city of untold wonders, the capabilities of which greatly concerned God beause of its fundamental ungodliness and extensive reach across a broad region of territory.

There had been a 2nd revolt in Heaven prior to the time of Noah where some spirits that had originally sided with Christ, became enamoured with the architecture of Men and the beauty of mortal women.  Because The Father is the cornerstone of freedom, He did not expressly prohibit certain among us from decending to Earth unembodied.  The creative power in sperm, although appearing inately physical, is entirely spiritual in function while biological in purpose.

Mortals do not know how to invent life and consciousness, but some spirits on the other side of the veil actually helped with the construction of DNA and understood the process necessary to reconstruct it for personal gain.  The sordid meddling of those spirits among mortals resulted in a giant species of mortal as well as a dwarfed race and an assortment of genetic mutations in between.

Although the 2nd revolt did not dead to a 2nd bona fide war in Heaven, those disenfranchised spirits involved came to Earth, mainly to appear as Gods to mortals who were impressed by their otherworldly abilities.  The chaos attributed to their disfigurement of Man as a species, caused God to grieve that he had ever made Man.  His intention was pure, but even spirits have their agency to not fully agree.

After the 2nd Heavenly purging, God choose to drown the entire race of Man, with plans to redeem those that were godly, the number of which could not be saved on one ship.  God selected Noah and his sons to survive the flood and again repopulate the Earth.  Noah was the best genetic strain that Adam's seed had descended into, and Noah was obedient to God.  Noah would put the intended course of Humanity back on track.

On the designated day, with Noah andhis family and every species of animal aboard an ark built by God's design, Our Father collapsed the watershell around the Earth which effectively submerged all of the coastal cisies under hundreds of feet of water, never to resurface again.  The weight of the water fractured entire continents and modified the integrity of Earth's teutonic plates.  All non-sea life, not aboard the arc, drowned, including the giants and genetic mutations that the 2nd batch of disenfranchised Heavenly Hosts conceived.

The ark rose from the North American continent and settled on Mt. Arrat in what is now Turkey.  It is from that region that the rest of Humanity unfolds, from the seed of Noah who was a descendent of Seth, the 2nd son of Adam since Cain was not biologically of Adam.

With all of Humanity's future invested in only one family, God was careful to select the most capable and brightest of all who walked the Earth.  It is not suprising then, that Nimrod was able to build to such a remarkable civilization with technology that may have impressed God, yet depressed God because of Nimrod's conceit.  

It was because Nimrod had gained a fullness of the knowledge of God, that he was able to construct such an impressive civilization based on ideals that were unEarthly in origin.  God had promised never to drown the Earth again.  With the watershell spent, polar caps developed and seasonal changes evolved.  As a final act of his definance toward God, Nimrod fired weapons into space to symbolically strike at the face of God and prove to his population tht he, not God, was in control.

"We need to distort their language," God said, "so that they won't be able to talke to one another -- if we don't, Nimrod will be able to do anything and once again, the purpose for creating the Earth will get sidetracked."  As though language was nothing more than a feature of the Human mind to be reprogrammed at will, God grought the linguistic confusion to pass and immediate chaos resulted.

Being in a non-psionic environment caused people to fear the intentions andmotives of those with whom they couldn't communicate.  People sought out others who spoke their language and together they set out to settle the outer regions unfetted by those that they simply didn't understand.

By God's power and will alone, the various linguistic tribes of the Earth were created, spanning every continent of the planet across every great sea.  From that moment forward, nations sought to conquor other nations before they themselves were conquored and whether or not the threat of foreign ivasion was real or imagine was irrelevant.

This single act of God annhiliated Man's global solidarity and compelled nations to dwell on each other rather then assembling en masse against God with one man as their leader.  

That day will yet come.