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A message from Bob Hirschfeld

Please permit me to introduce myself:

I am Bob Hirschfeld, JD, a former Arizona lawyer and nemesis of Arizona CPS, who was politically attacked and disbarred by the Arizona bad guys, including behind the scenes CPS manipulation, six years ago.

I specialized in Father Custody and False Accusation of Abuse Cases.  CPS hated me, and I understand had a warning poster about me in its Phoenix offices.

I became a lawyer after I was falsely accused of child abuse.

I freed a number of children from CPS clutches, although the process often took two years or more.

I obtained custody for a number of divorce clients who had been falsely accused...

As an ACLU cooperating attorney,

Abused Dads

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Fathers Rights Sites

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(a) I defeated the use of the penile plethysmograph upon pre-pubescent wards of the State of Arizona. This resulted in the collapse and closure of the Phoenix Memorial Hospital "Sexuality and Addiction Program" which relied upon penile plethysmograph and ammonia aversion therapy.  NATURAL MOTHER OF MINOR CHILD v. SUPERIOR COURT, Az. Court of Appeals No. SA 92-155

(b) I had Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES, parent of CPS) written policy prohibiting cross-ethnic adoption and foster care declared unconstitutional in federal court. http://www.nolawyer.com/mariadpt.txt Maria Child v. Lowenburg, US District Court, Arizona, No. CIV 92-0403 PHX EHC

(c) I established the right to take the 5th Amendment in refusing to reveal potential criminal-prosecutable information to a court-appointed psychologist, and that custody could not be punitively taken away from a parent invoking the 5th Amendment right. Montoya v. Superior Court, 173 Ariz. 129,132; 840 P.2d 305 (App. 1992), 19 FLR 1101 (1/5/93).

Many of my anti-CPS clients during my ten years of practice (1985-95) were referred to me by VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws).

I also did numerous petitions for writs of habeas corpus and appeal briefs in cases involving CPS.

I still make my living, despite my wrongful disbarment, by writing pro-se legal briefs, petitions, etc. by way of the Internet. See http://www.nolawyer.com

I teach legal skills to those who represent themselves, via occasional lectures before such organizations as VOCAL and the National Congress for Fathers and Children (NCFC: http://www.ncfc.net)

My lectures are available on videotape: http://www.nolawyer.com/videordr.html

With that introduction, I hope you recognize why I believe I should be participating in this YahooGroup.

-Bob Hirschfeld, JD