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Written by Ty Narada for Dr. Rubinoff 

Erich H. Loewy’s essay, [pp 203] is an endorsement of Wisenthal’s silence in contrast to Joshua Rubenstein’s essay [pp 237] to deny forgiveness. Loewy terminates his argument with; "If God was silent…" ‘who are we to judge?’ Rubenstein believes Wisenthal’s posturing was beyond sufficient; further consideration not required. The Body of Man is lividly emulated within a polarized Nazi platform; shrapnel of baroque and Goth encapsulated by Gothe’s "Man becomes used to cruelty and in the end makes a law of that which he despises." This writer has one of his own: "Life through light and death, beauty and savagery."

Loewy’s insinuation; he who adheres to wisdom, can adopt the experience, is superegotistically ideal, but one’s sensory perception cannot vividly contain the depravity rendered. God was on leave. Why? Because a decorated corporal on a mission discovered that his destiny could be funded by sucking Jews from the lexicon. Rubenstein juxtaposes Himmler-logic; Human weakness is the antithesis of a nation’s indiscriminate willingness to kill. Why? Because Aryan ideology requires animatronic execution without conscious or belief in consequence.

The Jews were forced to finance their own extinction. In return, Hitler would realize his New Berlin. The good Catholic son, turned Hitler Youth, then Gestapo and SS was expected to perform his duty to Fuhrer and country. In many belief systems, one is not held responsible for their ignorance in the Eye of God who reserves judgement to Himself. Disenchanted Nazi’s are noted for joining the White Rose and making post-war attempts to reconcile through repentance and restitution. The 21-year-old SS soldier in 1944 would have been 9-years-old when Hitler rose to power. Even the Hitler Youth had rebellious, jazz-music loving dissenters among them whom Himmler could not control. The very symbols of Germany’s glorious future still found ways to express themselves through deviant behavior and system bashing.

We see a young Christian boy, engineered to wear a black penis helmet, install gasoline cans in the loft of a 3-story house stuffed with Jews to the rafters…admit…something, somewhere has gone wrong in the shimmering illusion he swore to Fatherland and Fuhrer to forge. His confession was to the contradiction; ignorance no more: The objective was to annihilate the Body of God by disfiguring the souls of Men and he wanted the object of that desecration to forgive him for realizing it.

Wisenthal was lucky to even have a mind, much less comprehend what ‘his SS man’ was attempting to say. The SS man offered him his belongings; the desperation for which, only Supreme Justice would know. Was the Nazi era a vaccination against some future Human apocalypse? Was God unable to stop Hell on Earth? The 8th wonder of the world: Holocaust Survivors still had faith afterward.