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Written by Ty Narada for Dr. Kitterman 

On the opposite end of Hitler’s Final Solution are the exalted Aryan benefactors who represent a Master Race. In light of a disgraceful past; propelled by brutality and a brilliant propaganda campaign, Hitler became Emperor and Kaiser of Germany. Hitler’s lieutenants replaced the German Princes. His royal court consisted of District Leaders. Those Germans who met a prescribed racial criterion became Hitler’s genetically superior subjects.

Citizens and foreigners unable to meet the above criterion were excluded from Nazi ideology. If you could not afford German citizenship or did not qualify for conscription in the Wermacht – you were not a benefactor of the 3rd Reich.

State security was mythically linked to physical appearance. One’s blond-haired, blue-eyed, Nordic features could enter a secret military installation virtually unscathed. Beautiful Aryans were given preferred treatment in all areas of the Hitler regime, where derelicts, gypsies, Communists, homosexuals, Jews and political enemies were relocated to concentration camps for planned extermination.

The German population at large was introduced to an assortment of Nazi-oriented organizations; there was an organization created for nearly every social cross section. Nazi indoctrination guided citizens through childhood and into the labor force. Hitler was especially concerned with Germany’s children. Since young children needed no re-indoctrination, children could be sculpted and molded to exalt their Fuhrer and promote German mythology through a series of Hitler Youth training organizations.

In Richard Bessel’s book, Life in the Third Reich, children who grew up in the Reich knew no other life from which to distinguish their environment from others. Similar to kids from all around the world – Hitler Youth still found ways to rebel against their established system. According to Bessel, once Hitler Youth oversaturation became the ‘only’ standard upon which one could legally gaze, the kids found other ways in which to express themselves. They listened to American dance music, traveled in groups from town to town and taunted the more regimented Hitler Youth teams that were sent to inspect, police, patrol, enforce and report on Hitler Youth conformity. According to Bessel, most of the Hitler Youth beat up these intrusive young authorities, in the sense that American High School kids might confront and engage a troop from the local military academy.

This rebellious Hitler Youth discrepancy was reported to the highest levels and Himmler himself, didn’t know what to do about it – it posed a contradiction: The rebellious youth, in such high numbers, represented the God-like ‘loyal’ ideal that Hitler Youth was designed to create. In such high numbers, the rebellious youth represented the purest platinum of Aryan genetic materiel. Since the youth could not be casually ignored or exterminated, Himmler agreed to tolerate certain of the rebellious activities to a limited extent. It was believed that a limited toleration of rebellious conduct would provide the youth with a means of expression, after which they would return to conformity and the Hitler Youth mission.

Nazi organizations afforded women and girls with a means of expression that they had never had before. The new excitement was a welcome invention to what previously had been a monotonous and mundane existence for females. Women, it seems, were more appreciative of the enhanced qualities that Nazi life afforded.

Villages however, were radically disrupted. Villages represented the archetypal formation and backbone of German culture and ethnicity. Ways of life that had continued uninterrupted for generations was suddenly sent spiraling off of its course with the advent of compulsory Nazi participation. The Cow and Goat farmers could not maintain their marginal means, when their children sought employment in cities or obliged the intrusive and frequent Hitler Youth activities. The baron-like Horse farmers had sufficient power and affluence to cut deals with authorities; manipulate and wrangle themselves into even greater positions of prestige. Where Horse farmers owned ‘almost’ everything, the Nazi regime deleted the word ‘almost.’ Post war villages never returned to what they were; the dysfunction was irreparable.

Industrial laborers were largely unaffected by the advent of Hitler. Hitler emphatically needed industry to achieve his global ambitions. He struck deals with Krupp, a dynasty originating in the 10th century, and made adulating references to ‘Krupp steel’ in Mien Kampf. ‘Hitler’ meant big business, monopoly and unbridled expansion for industrialists allied with Nazism. The ‘haves’ would clearly inherit the Earth according to Nazi policy. Hitler admitted industrialists into his court as vicarious nobility. Banks and bankers was another commodity rendered the same glamorous preferences. Slaves were used divisively, profitably and then disposed of. Looted and seized property was annexed by the treasury or concealed by Inner Circle brokers (after the Battle of the Bulge, everyone except Hitler stopped deluding themselves with notions of victory).

Architect Albert Speer extended the life of the Reich from 9 to 12 years when he was appointed ReichMinister in charge of armaments and munitions; Speer’s reach included the total German product during his tenure. Native German industrial workers were never in want of work. The slave labor force, on the other hand, was expended and butchered with impunity.

Too many generations of Germans had known too much depravity, too much war and too much brutality. When you’re already on a shit wagon, almost anything else will smell better. The Nazi’s offered restitution, dignity, strength, solidarity and a global presence. The Nazi’s were singing the right tune at a time when popular disgust and despair would drive the Nazi’s to power. In the entire history of the world, the strongest has always been victorious – Nazi methods were not so unusual by a Spartan standard. In our neo-tech society today, brilliance can shape and manipulate technology where biological strength does not necessarily defeat intelligence.

The Nazi’s were through-and-through a War State. Without struggle, there would be no heart; without brutality, there could be no passion. Without living space, there could not be justice and with Jews – there could be no peace.

Subjectively: I have known far too many people, who if given the same Carte Blanch power that Hitler had, would have been far less responsible. Hitler’s theatre troop put on a dazzling performance, all of which were gifted showmen throughout the Nuremberg trials and to their ultimate demise.

Life in the Third Reich by Richard Bessel provides a rare glimpse of what it was like to live inside the Nazi State as something other than a target. His expose’ on the Hitler Youth sentiments, upon which the future of the 3rd Reich was so heavily invested, was this writer most appreciated segment. Strangely, "No one is a villain in his own eyes," and the Nazi’s clearly upheld this illusion all the way to the gallows.

Besides Switzerland, the only surviving benefactor of the 3rd Reich has been the film industry.