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This is a permanent fix for cookies
and your entire cache memory.

DO NOT procede if you often retrieve files from cache.

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This is a permanent fix for taking out the trash automatically:

In your autoexec.bat file, insert after the last SET command and above the first REM line:
The SET command will look something like this:

SET MSINPUT=C:\MSINPUT (insert the deltree commands under this one) 

deltree/y c:\windows\cookies\>nul
deltree/y c:\windows\history\>nul
deltree/y c:\windows\tempor~1\cache1\>nul
deltree/y c:\windows\tempor~1\cache2\>nul
deltree/y c:\windows\tempor~1\cache3\>nul
deltree/y c:\windows\tempor~1\cache4\>nul
deltree/y c:\windows\recent\>nul
<   sandwitch these
<  deltree commands
<   inbetween the
(shown above)
<   and the REM= = = = =
(shown below)

The first REM command will look something like this:

REM= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Cyberdrive IDE BUS............ (insert the deltree commands above this one)

What will happen?  Every time you start your computer -- your autoexec.bat will dump everything that you collected during your last browsing experience: Cookies, history, cache 1,2,3,4 and recent.  Depending on your CPU's clockspeed, boot-up could be extended between 3 - 15 seconds.  Also note the ">nul" that follows each line: That instructs autoexec.bat to NOT list each item deleted unless you want to sit there all day and read each one.

If you are paranoid about going into your disk operating system (completely understandable) -- get someone who knows what they're doing to do it for you.  They will likely make the same mod to their own machine.  

Info any suggestions to techsupport@cyonic-nemeton.com and don't tell the Keebler Elves about what we're doing.