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Genome Management; Intervention and Treatment
by Bill Keenen

Biological War
Hippocratic Oath

The breaking of the human DNA code has opened many doors to interdiction of many human conditions. We now know that persons may be carrying certain genes that influence many (most) aspects of person's behavior. 

Medical Interdiction:

It is now known that a person’s DNA, made up of chromosomes, genes, genomes and the like can show an individual’s propensity to develop breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions, even sexuality i.e. homosexuality.  Soon, we will be managing our lives with a focus on combating the indicated problems shown in our DNA makeup. We will be able to manage diabetes before we contract the disease.  Cancer indicators will enable us to manage our diets and lifestyles prior to becoming actual cancer patients.  We will be able to prolong contracting these diseases and perhaps even prevent a patient from contracting the disease.  The DNA make-up is the indicator of what type of preventative treatment an individual may require.

Criminal Interdiction:

The propensity to contract alcoholism, drug addiction and the like is in our DNA.  Diseases such as these often lead to social unacceptable behavior, and even criminal behaviors such as driving under the influence, battery, theft and even death of the addict or persons around him or her. We will now be able to counsel such individuals from birth to redirect the actions he or she will make when confronted with these infirmities.  Medications and therapies will come available to prevent the use of addictive substances before the individual uses them for the first time.

As with addictions, the propensity for violence and criminal activity is also in our chemical make-up.  Soon, we will be able to identify persons who contain such genomes, and manage (or assist in managing) the individual's life choices before the potential becomes a reality. From the moment we are born, we will have a training and counseling plan in place to change the path blazed by our genes.

Not all individuals carrying a certain genetic makeup fall into the criminal/addictive element. Why?  Because the social structure surrounding that individual leads him away from the activities proposed by his genetic structure.  Socialization, parenting, training, education, and other guidance mechanisms are in place, much like it will be after we begin managing, or pre-intervening.  Perhaps things will not change dramatically for such individuals, although some therapeutic enhancement is bound to occur.

The less fortunate will experience a lifetime of intervention, much like having a parole officer overseeing their life choices, thus insuring that the proper result (non-criminal activity) has been achieved—much like the person trained to abstain from carcinogens because he carries the cancer gene.

Beyond Orwellian Intervention:

We already know that the genetic structure of a mother and father may produce a child who could contract Tei-Sachs, sickle cell anemia, or other diseases occurring at birth, pre-birth, or even preconception!

How long will it be before we treat the chromosomes of a fetus prior to birth, or the DNA of the parents, preconception? Before the criminal gene is abstracted from the DNA chain? Before we induce the ‘proper’ genetic code to make our children handsome and intelligent?

How soon before a list of our genetic code will be attached to our resumes? Or will we simply be assigned our positions based on our genetic code? We may know a good musician before he picks up his first kazoo, or a good police officer before she can walk.

I am hopeful that this new science will result in positive results, but recognize that human nature will eventually dictate that these “brands” or “indicators” will be used in negative ways. How long before we develop the genetic codes for good workers, good military men? Prettier? Taller? Better basketball players?   Will we all be “purebreds”, or will we all be “mutts”.

 Genetics carry the history of Human Progression