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Ty Narada founded Seven Gates Entertainment in 1986 to promote his media production interests that included sound recording and film.  In 1991, Ty registered the tradename with the State of Arizona, intending to expand into advertising, commercials and related audiovisual projects currently in-work.  Affiliates around the world currently operate under the umbrella of Seven Gates Entertainment with Ty's knowledge and consent.

With corporate status still pending, Ty developed an Internet News, Information, Referral and Connection forum in 1995 called Cyonic Nemeton and began direct-mail operations in 1996.  In 1997, Cyonic Nemeton moved into cyberspace as the publishing arm of Seven Gates Entertainment.  Cyonic Nemeton began to thrive as an underground information forum and quickly developed over 2,800 newsgroup affiliates within 5 years.  Our constituents include Congressmen, the intelligence grid, Internet Service Providers, investigative resources, news media and film celebrities who contact us for a wide range of reasons.  

Our mailing list is impossible to obtain because we don't maintain one:  The confidentality of everyone is assured.  

In early 1999, First Internet Records and Universal Wholesale were created to explore development in those areas.  Both ventures were subordinated to Internet security since Cyonic Nemeton was not perceived as a merchandising forum. 

In October 1999, McCain 2000 contacted Cyonic Nemeton to assist with McCain's presidential campaign:  Up until that time, we could not determine who we were reaching or how many.  We discovered that our reach exceeded 3.5 million browsers who were disenfranchised with mainstream politics.  We attracted voters from the woodwork who enthusiastically and financially advanced the political agenda of McCain through 9 primaries. 

In February 2001, Cyonic Nemeton and our newsgroup allies launched The American Constitutionalist Party [TACP] to preserve the political fervor that had been created by McCain's campaign.  Although we emphatically endorse a return to the founding instruments of the United States, we believe that innovative ideas should be fused into one political mission that tolerates improvement, diiversity and growth.  Our mission will succeed if the intolerant elements of society are removed.  There is ONE supreme law in America:  The US Constitution.      

In November 2004, Internet Investigations was admitted into the National Association of Investigative Specialists, Inc.  

In January 2005, Clean ID was created to combat the identity theft epidemic that affected 9 million Americans in 2004.  Further research concluded that Identity Theft Shield from Pre-paid Legal was the most cost effective means of protecting oneself from identity theft.

Ty and Brenda were married on the Colorado River on 05/05/05.  The symbolism was intentional.   The river also claimed my hat. 

In January 2006, Ty was admitted into the International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association.  In June Hydronetics was created to study hydrophonic technology and water management issues.  In November 2006, Tiffin University accepted Ty into their Master's program in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security emphasis.  

In June 2007, Ty launched www.Precognitive-Interdiction.com with the intent to migrate Cyonic Nemeton and the Psionic Guard into the realm for which both concepts were originally created.  

In September 2007, All of Cyonic Nemeton's intellectual property was transferred to Seven Gates University since the business applications exist for demonstration purposes only. 

In May 2008, Ty received his MSCJ/HS degree from Tiffin University and is working on his Ph.D. 

In late 2009, Ty began experimenting with his own beverage line, Ty & Brenda's Heavy Water, and pitched the idea to Coca Cola.

Between 2010 - 2015, an eclectic range of domains became exploratory platforms for the development of humor and invention, morphing Cyonic Nemeton into a repository of works from various authors and a museum of early web authoring styles.  The site is a holistic reflection of its era with two forensic items of note:  Our design style was 'light on dark' back when 'light on dark' wasn't cool.  And there was no way to predict in 1996, that in the future, YouTube videos would fit so seamlessly inside the background frames.  ;-)       

Symbolically, the "Seven Gates" appear in metaphysical lore to illustrate the extremities between light & darkness, good & evil, intelligence & ignorance; any concept that is polarized.  Since acoustic projection falls within the realm of polarity, Ty thought that "Seven Gates Entertainment" had a nice ring to it and registered that trade name while it was available.  Prior to that time, Ty had been using it anyway.

"Seven Gates" appears as a prefix for other entities that have no connection to Seven Gates University to include fantasy groups that utilize the mythical Seven Gates premise.  We do not predict a conflict of interest since our premises are nothing alike.

Please contact any of our Internet Officers if we can be of additional service.

Thank-you for visiting Cyonic Nemeton!