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1.  Seven Gates University allows the public to use our intellectual property for a reciprocating link back to http://www.cyonic-nemeton.com.   All materials contained herein are for educational / non-commercial purposes IAW the Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 USC Section 107, as described under "Fair Use."

2.  "Fair Use"
eliminates a legal need to obtain permission or pay royalties for copyrighted materials if the purpose is for "criticism, comments, reporting, teaching, scholarship and / or any type of research."  We are affiliated with some of the best known artists in the world and have no reason to patronize the latest Retroactive License Fee Fraud.   Please visit Copyright Guide for exhaustive support if you have been victimized by any fraudulent licensing scheme.  

3.  This site exceeds 10,000 unique montly hits.  If you have an interest that fits somewhere within our presentation -- click the e-mail icon below and describe your idea, website or project.  There is no fee involved unless you wish to own the website.  Bidding starts at $22M firm.    

4.  We have removed all content that is not internally generated, purchased or posted with permission.  If you have evidence that an item is improperly credited, send us your evidence and we will correct the credit reference or remove the disputed item within 24 hours.    

5.  We have retained three separate law firms to explain anything unsatisfactory by this policy to those with a something-for-nothing mentality.   Feel free to link to this disclaimer if you need one.

6. Salvatoric Clause -- Any aspect of this statement deemed unenforceable where you reside, does not invalidate those parts that are.  We can reach you even if Interpol can't.     

7.  View our Code of Conduct

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