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"Many are called, but few are choosen.”

The Wisdom of Merlyn

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Three spiritual instructors of mankind:
Control above all:
A man is:
The three virtues of wisdom:
Three things avoided by the wise:
A Bard should not reveal:
A Druid can be unseated for:
The three keys of Druidic mastery:
Blood may be drawn from the:
 Mastery of Yourself The World The Unknown
 The hand The tongue Desire
 What he thinks he is What others think he is What he really is
 To be aware of all things Endure all things Be removed from all things
 Expecting the impossible Grieving over the irretrievable Fearing the inevitable
 Injurious truth The disgrace of a friend The secrets of the Druids
 Performing murder or warfare Telling a falsehood Divulging a secret which he holds
 To Know To Dare To Keep Silent
 Forehead Breast Groin

The three rights of a Druid:
Keep wherever he goes
That no naked weapon be born in his presence
That his counsel be preferred to all others

The proper path is easy to choose - it will be the one which confirms within you those truths you have always known
The sun travels across the sky from East to West as the spiritual progression of all life continually evolves upward
To call fourth Elders from the Deep, oneneed only pass into sleep with the palm of both hands upon the cheek
The true test of knowledge is not what we know how to do but how we act when we don’t know what to do
A magician comes forth from his mother’s womb – those whoassume the function will be unhappy
The true goal of spiritual evolution lies not in a union of opposites but in an absence of opposites
Men have always gone to their graves preaching their own truths – never the less – the sun rises!
A Druid is dependent upon no man and answerable solelyto the voice of his own conscious
Nature is the great teacher and the best of mortal instructors but inept guides by comparison
In the physical world opposite eneiesrg attract – In the spiritual world ‘like’ forces attract
Conscious is the eye of God in the heart of man; the presence of God in the mind of man
Truly religion changeslittle in essence fromage to age, for all the Gods are but one God
The true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes
Without change something sleeps inside us – the sleeper must awaken [Frank Herbert]
Man is a partaker of theessence of the gods; he comes from the gods and goes to God
He who would havenothing to do with thorns should never attempt to gather flowers
Countless gods are waiting to become men. Countless gods have already been men
Within the perfect symmetry of a circle is held the esse ntial nature of the Universe
When in confusion, quiet all thought and await the answer in terms of abstraction
True religious balance is achieved through the union of three unequaled parts
A man is never a failure untilhe blames his mistakes upon another man
Anger is justified when it seeks to prevent the repetition of an injustice
Failure exists only when success is defined or measured by a non-God
Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Gychwyn – The Red Dragon is Our Incentive
Belief could soon impart reality (One may become what one thinks)
Each atom is an evolving life, each blade of grass a potential soul
From the point of greatest imbalance comes the greatest stability
Magic i s the art and science of changing states of mind at will
Perfectly balanced forces result in a net movement of zero
Geomancy is power that dwells within number and form
It is not the emotion that is wrong but how we express it
Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Byd – The Truth Against the World
Spiritual power comes from living in a sacred manner
When choices are taken away – a perfect path remains
It isn’t the task that matters but ones reaction to it
When the student is ready the teacher will appear
It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose
Without personalization magic can not operate
No one tests the depth of a river with both feet
Dreams are the true interpreters of our desires
Some things must first be believed to be seen
Where there is no imagination there is no fear
Lessons unearned tend to go unremembered
One must first learn to fall if one would fly
Today is victory over yourself of yesterday
To discipline the body is to feed the spirit
Advice unearned tends to go unheeded
Rainbows exist in both worlds at once
Visualization is the key to the occult
Many are called but few are chosen
Desire moves the past from slumber
Thou shalt not disfigure thy soul!
All things come to he who waits
There is great power in silence
Plants are very slow animals
Time is an invention of man
He who submits – RULES!
Devas are nature spirits
Seek out what you fear
Arthur would have liked this...

It is one matter to conquer fear, but an even greater matter to overcome the animal instincts of revenge and jealousy which often dominate those dwelling solely in the world of Abred

Could it be that my own resistance was the cause of my confusion…my own refusal to ‘let go’ of the convenient limitations I had set up for myself?

Out of nothing the Creator of the worlds produces four elements as a prior cause and root material for all creation joined in harmony

There are no absolutes in creation, therefore, truth which is derived from ‘patterns of nature’ is the closest we can come to Absolute Truth

If you seek to understand the whole universe you will understand nothing at all…
But seek to understand yourself and you will come to understand the whole universe

Children can accept both this world and the Otherworld with equal validity – adults have lost this art and therefore the first techniques of our education must be aimed at a reconstruction of those child-like abilities.

There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.

When men are terrified, children are only curious. It is difficult to frighten those who are easily astonished; the young have so little claim on the Unknown that if they should see it they would admire it.

As an thro pologists we are not facing the strong probability that our remote ancestors had profound and complex knowledge concerning interactions between themselves and their natural environment, about which we have only inklings today.

Every race has its Holy centers, places where the Veil is thinnest. These places were developed by the wisdom of the past, until a powerful spiritual atmosphere was engendered there and consciousness could easily open to the subtler planes when the messengers of God came to meet it.

Bluestones fell to earth from deep in space and are located in the Preseli Mountains in Wales, from wence the uprights of Stonehenge were quarried – they channel and amplify the Earth’s Dragon Lines

Grant, O God thy protection.
And in protection, strength.
And in strength, understanding.
And in understanding, knowledge.
And in knowledge, justice.
And in justice, the love of it.
And in that love, the love of life.
And in that love of life,
The love of God and all goodness.
I call today on the strength of Heaven
Light of Sun
Radiance of Moon
Splendor of Fire
Speed of Lightening
Swiftness of Wind
Depth of Sea
Stability of Earth
Firmness of Stone

I am a Flaming Door!
I am an Orange Pumpkin sitting in the field
I am a Yellow Tear of the Sun!
I am an Ancient Emerald Forest!
I am a Blue Crested Wave under the Moon!
I am the Purple Depths of the Sea!
I am a Stone Hidden Under the Earth!

Out of a timeless world
Shadows fall upon time
From a beauty older than Earth
A ladder the soul may climb
I climb by Fionn’s Stair
To a whiteness older than time
Anger of Fire
Fire of Speech
Breath of Knowledge
Wisdom of Wealth
Sword of Song
Song of Bitter Edge

A five-fold pentatheastic system:
Bran the Blessed would have liked this...

LLEU (the Eye of God)
of the Golden Pipes or
Lleu the Long Arm, He
who dwells in the Beyond
A.k.a.: Apollo, Hermes,
Mercury,Mithras, Hercules and many others
the Winter Lord, wild 
huntsman of the woods
A.k.a.: Green Man,
Samhan, Kernos the
horned one with seven tines
Empress of the Hidden
Moon, High Priestess of
the night A.k.a.: Freya,
Kali, Manah, Gaia, Macha
and others
Virgin Princess of the
Growing Moon, Daughter
of Laughter and Life 
A.k.a.: Anu, Aphrodite,
Venus, Ishtar, Dianna
Queen Mother of the Full
Moon, Matron of Love and
Battle A.k.a.: Tiamat, 
Hera, Isis, Rhiannon,
Brighid and others

The voice of Celi were/was/are the Illuminations of Hen Ddihenydd
NAUGAL means Beyond Description, without words or Holy
Y GOLLWG means The Sight i.e. the ‘second sight’
NEMETON means Holy Place

THRESHHOLD CONDITIONS of God. It was created by God pronouncing His own name – at the sound of which; light and heavens sprang into existence. The name of God is itself a creative power. What in itself that name is, is known to God only.

Dawn Full Moon 6th of Dark Moon Dew Waterfalls Dusk Dark Moon Fog Earthquake Hurricane Midnight Fairy Rings Storm Tornado Lightening Blizzard Eclipse Eruption Flood Draught Mist The 8 Grove Days Clouds

The Realm of Stars is within the Otherworld where no humans dwell – only fairy glamour, memories and dreams. It is also lingering between worlds and yet within none

LLUNDAR is stillreading, a light suspension state – you mentally merge with an object to obtain a record of its past through absorbed or stored energy

Auras catalystically constitute a Universal Symbolic Language which plants and animals understand. Salt water removes unwanted forces from a light shield or aura

RED = Anger YELLOW = Thought BLUE = Spirit GREEN = Growth
WHITE = Balance BLACK = True Union
White symbolizes all that is pure and visible in the sphere of Abred, all colors in unity
Black/Crone is also a bridge to the Otherworld and symbolizes The Night; Black Guardian

…midst cliffs eternal, whos strength defied the crested Roman in his hour of pride,
where Druids ancient cromlech frowned and the Oak breathed mysterious murmurs ‘round.
There dwelt inspired men of Yore, ‘neigh plain and height, in the Eye of Light,
And baring unto Gwynvydd each noble head, Stood inside the circle, where none else might tread!

Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Byd
Great Voice that calls us in the wind of Dawn. Strange voice that stills us in the heat of Noon.
Heard in the Sunset. Heard in the Moonrise. And in the stirring of the Wakeful Night,
Speak now in Blessing…

Nid Dim On D Duw…Nid Duw On Dim

Faint light gleam over the hearth. Ghosts of Arden pass through and show your distant forms!
Misty Loda, House to the Spirits of Men – When ghosts vanish like mists on a sunny hill, Open your Doors!

Cum Saxum Saxorum
In duersum Montum Oparum da
In Aetibulum, In quinatum – DRACONIS!

Nuc Hebae Aemos Lucem…Et Calorem!
Non foras ire. In interiore habitat veritas
Naht Riheccune

Atlantis – 9000 BC (11,000 years ago) [Hyperborea, Summeria, Lemuria, The Celts]
The Welsh Chronicles date Arthur between 462-516 AD.
Dark Age Britain – Withdrawal of Rome in 425 – Norman Conquests – Battle of Hastings in 1066
Celts were blond, blue-eyed and culturally know as Twilight Peoples
Celts were the people…Druids the Priests
Druids were known as primal mystics, Oak Men, Oak Keppers of the Sacred Fire
Druidic System of Teaching: Aradach Fionn, the latter of Finn, White Light
Bardic Colleges: Ovydd/Vate, initial rank/green robe
Bard/Bierdd, intermediate/blue robe
Druid/Derwyddon, highest/white robe
The Celtic Religion was a five-fold pentatheastic system (apple or pentagram)
Dragon Lines: Energy Atmosphere created by the lines
Transmutation: Something that changes substance from one energy plane to another
Archetypes: A memory remaining after the original individual or group is no more
Men of the Round Stones – Guardians of Briton – Camelot
The Gigantic Pile, Giants Dance, Chorea Gigantum, Place of the Hanging Stones, Stonehenge
Early Briton Irish Rome Saxons (also Stonehenge) Crymmry
Megalithic Yard = 1MY = .829 meter
The Book of Pheryllt (FFERLLT) and its companion book – BARDDAS