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Concept #1
Everything we think, dream, say or do, like light and reflected light, can be translated, distorted, reflected, accelerated, fragmented, weaved, recorded and replayed in a myriad realms, time distortions, astral planes, continuums, shift-fields, vortexian rifts and dimensions. Any action whether spiritual, acoustic or other physical has been permanently etched into Light and can be recalled, retrieved or replayed by intelligence possessing such capability.

Concept #2
l l
The sum of what has happened is yet to occur somewhere else due to time differentials. What has not yet happened has already occurred on another plane within the fabric of time-space. You may be influenced by untold external awareness, but your actions and decisions are yours alone.

Concept #3
l l l
White Light, in its purity, is the source of all life and existence. Light begets energy which begets entity and spirit which begets ether and nuclear mass which begets elements, particles and molecules which illuminate sub-atomic mass which electrically assimilate awareness, sensory perception and interaction which illustrate sentience, cognizance and intelligence which compose the life-cycle and an infinite layer of consciousness ranging from Light to neutrino mass and mass yet to be discovered. There are simply no limits to what may exist.

Concept #4
l l l l
All identifiable and unidentifiable substances have an equal, opposite and polarized counterpart in an equal, opposite and polarized reality composed of reverse or reflected light-matter. The structure of that dimension is as elaborate and as complex as our own. Natural and unnatural rifts, conjunctions and vaguely understood passages exist which bridge the two planes of existence. There are an equally infinite number of graduations between the two extremes whether magnetic, algorithmic, bent or measured by standards yet to be discovered, developed and explored. The attainment of all knowledge is esoterically labeled as “higher; more evolved intelligence” and has been subjectively contained with the word: GOD.

Concept #5
l l l l l
Knowledge, existence, cognizance, awareness, influence, sentience and interaction with Higher Intelligence can not be confined or limited by an invention of Man. The full essence and existence of such intelligence can not be fully comprehended by three-dimensional, material beings. Thought is energy derived from Light. We are Light. We are composed of Light. We are evolving into Light. It is the inherent nature of all life to expand knowledge, assimilate this data and progress upward: It is our journey, with or without anyone’s understanding or consent…

into the Light.

“Men have come and gone to their graves preaching their own truths, nevertheless, the sun rises!”

- and -

“There is no such thing as coincidence.”