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The PageAmerica Yacht ClubTM
Publicity Stunt StudiosTM
Proudly presents…

The Nervous Wrecking Crew
At the Yacht Club Dinner Theater

12291 N. Hwy 89, Page, AZ 86040 (928) 645-2606
IATA: 94546414 TOUR CODE: AYCZ. Tour Group & promotional incentives available.













2001 Berthold Brecht Bladerunner Environment Movement I Movement II Screenplay Third Reich Yacht Club

A proposal by Ty Narada

An elegant dinner and fine theater.
$18 Adults. $10 Children under 12. $8 Theater Only.

$30 per couple l Birthdays & Anniversaries – On The House l Available seating only.

Dinner begins at 6 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday

The PageAmerica Yacht Club opened its doors on May 1, 2002 and became a regional sensation through the promotional effort of Publicity Stunt Studios. Patterned after the Tijuana Yacht Club in Indianapolis, Ash Fork's Yacht Club boasts over 200,000 square feet, 5 intricately designed levels and features a wide range of entertainment and activities. There are venues to please every taste. Situated on 65 acres for a proposed theme park, water amusement park and now the home of the Sand Devils hockey team, the opening of Page's first Dinner Theater was imminent. 

The Nervous Wrecking Crew


The Nervous Wrecking Crew began as a troop of Northern Arizona University theater graduates under the name Nervous Rex. The company’s repertoire originally included high anxiety plays such as Brazil, George Orwell’s 1984 and Man Without A Thingy. Castlerock Pictures bought Dallas Sherwood’s screenplay for Man Without A Thingy and the film version launched the Nervous Rex Menstral Company into national acclaim. 

Through the inspiration and direction of NAU professor emeritus, Dr. ‘Mac" Groves, Nervous Rex entered its 3rd season, renamed; Very Nervous. The notorious Flagstaff Riots in the fall of 1999 inspired yet another name change when Very Nervous’s playhouse was destroyed by a wrecking crane that had been commandeered by a drunk High School student, hence; Wrecking Crew. Some of the actors actually helped.

Publicity Stunt Studios hired the displaced company in 2000 to act in their local advertising productions. When the Yacht Club opened in January, 2001, the call for a dinner theater troop was filled when Publicity Stunt negotiated an entertainment contract to provide the Yacht Clubs dinner theater shows. 

Mission Statement

The Nervous Wrecking Crew

Our Mission is to provide the most professional theater in the United States, by hiring and retaining only the most competent professionals in every aspect of our endeavors: In production, management, performance and through our community outreach and educational programs. 

Goals, Focus and Objective

The goal of The Nervous Wrecking Crew is to draw attention to and promote the Fine Arts in Northern Arizona. We believe that through productive collaboration with affiliated commercial and non-profit agencies specializing in technical and promotional aspects of performance, that the highest and greatest conceivable potential will result in every pursuit. Our focus, in its entirety, is upon performance and providing character imagery for media, advertising, promotional and educational concerns. It is our objective to symbolize and present to the community an everlasting appreciation of our Art, the value of our Art and the need for our Art in which the community may share, uphold and support with unreserved passion. 


2001 – A place oddesy

l Gone With The Wind 
l Dirty Works At The Crossroads 
l The Three Musketeers 
l Man Without A Thingy

What could be a better opening act than the season opener Gone With The Wind? With 370 table guests and standing room only, the raving reviews stunned all of Northern Arizona. The production overran 2 months beyond the scheduled strike date, to the elation of Phoenix Valley and Statewide residents who would have never seen it without the gracious extension. Opening Night was filled entirely by local residents, the mayor, the Governor, invited dignitaries and a few surprise guests from Sunset Boulevard. Elizabeth Taylor sat at an honorary table with her 12th husband, William Henry ‘Wild Bill’ Gates III. 

Dirty Works At The Crossroads drew an incredible audience locally, from the Valley, and much to our amazement, from foreign countries, who by now had heard of the Yacht Club’s fame. Tourism in Flagstaff nearly tripled as a result of the Yacht Club Recreational Complex. The response to Crossroads called for greater consideration of future planned melodramas. The Santa Fe Railroad spontaneously donated $20,000 to the company in exchange for painting their logo on the train. 

The Three Musketeers was a mind boggling success when director Mac Groves invited Michael York to reprise his former role in the stage version of the play. Mac & Michael, who have been long time friends (and the media referred to as M&M’s) promoted the play in a tri-State publicity tour. There was a modest tiff during the promotion between Mac and Michael when screaming young girls utterly inundated Mac for autographs, which York resented. The performance none the less, was brilliantly done by York whose understudy replaced him during the last act on closing night when York’s left ventricle collapsed during a sword fight. York recovered beautifully and currently resides in Williams, Arizona. 

Man Without A Thingy opened as the Yacht Club’s first bona fide disaster when the local religious institutions formed an opposition group to obstruct the play’s opening night. The House opened at 75% capacity on opening night and among the audience was Steven Speilberg and his good friend George Lucas who totally loved the performance. Speilberg bought the script from playwright Dallas Sherwood, who thinking ahead, had already written a screenplay. Sherwood won an Emmy for Best Screenplay at the 2002 Academy Awards and currently resides with the company as a technical consultant. She now owns a controlling interest in Publicity Stunt.

Special Projects

OUTREACH: The Nervous Wrecking Crew works very closely in all facets of Flagstaff academia and hosts many educational programs at minimal cost for local residents. There are tentative plans to construct an Acting School once accreditation and a dedicated faculty can be obtained. Accreditation is in the final review stages by the Arizona State Education Board and the recent contribution of $2M by Seven Gates to NAU has greatly shifted the odds in our favor. 

VOLUNTEER SUPPORT: Our insurance policy does not cover non-employees in the industrial areas of the stage, however, Steve Wynn from Las Vegas is forwarding tips on how to get around it. We will either buy his insurance cartel or implement a procedure that OSHA will approve. Volunteer opportunities are currently TBA. 

EDUCATION: We have done our very best to accommodate local requests for technical assistance in commercial and non-profit production projects. Our production staff currently rotates through our existing Theatrical Arts Awareness Program which includes acting, design and management classes. These programs are also influenced by public opinion and new programs will be added as public interest warrants. 

GRANT WRITING METHODS: The bulk of our donations and grants come from private enterprises that desire placement in our marketing, merchandising and presentation forums. We have an existing rate table for commercial advertising but our more generous donations come through unique requests, such as providing product cameos during a production run or by adding an entity to our list of sponsorships. 

FUND-RAISING PROJECTS: Our Spotted Owl Dinner Menu attracted a Full House, including non-R.S.V.P’s from the EPA. The dinner ran for two nights successfully but was cancelled when no more Spotted Owls could be found. The money raised at $1,500 a plate exceeded the goal specified by the City Counsel to complete construction of a casino planned on 5 acres on the Theme Park Platt. The Bureau of Indian Affairs will recognize the Recreation Complex as a Reservation once we have a minimum of 51% Native Americans on the payroll. The enrollment in Native American language classes has increased by 2,100% and the number of desirous casino investors has reached an unmanageable number. A prospectus is no longer obtainable.

Fiscal Year: 01NOV01-31OCT02

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Payroll: $ .9M $ $ $ $
Budgeted: $ .9M $ .9M $ 1M $ 1M $1.1M
Production: $ 1M $ $ $ $
Budgeted: $ 1M $ 1M $ 1M $1.1M $1.1M
Marketing: $.15M $ $ $ $
Budgeted: $.15M $.15M $.16M $.16M $.17M
Contingency: $.15M $ $ $ $
Budgeted: $.15M $.15M $.15M $.15M $.16M


Show Revenue: $1.27M $ $ $ $
Projected: $ .76M* $1.5M** $1.5M $1.5M $1.5M
Education Revenue: $ 40G $ $ $ $ 
Projected: $ 15G *** $ 40G $ 50G**** $ 50G $ 50G 
Advertising Revnue:$ .25M
Projected: $ .1M $ .25M $ .25M $ .25M $ .25M
MISC Revenue $ .1M $ $ $ $
Projected:***** $ -0- $ .1M $ .1M $ .1M $ .1M



*First year projections were calculated at 60% House capacity.
**After a successful first season, ticket prices will increase $3 that will reflect a $230,000 revenue increase, if first year sales are reflected in the next season.
***The budget was initially approved with a provision for one acting class capped at 20 students per session and 10 sessions per year. In fact, 4 classes were conducted and tuition was lowered to $50/course.
****The addition of a cruise ship entertainment management course is expected to increase Education Revenue $10,000.
*****We were unable to predict the reputationally-induced trend of cameo product endorsements. 

Itemization and Tax Information

SPECIFIC EXPENDITURES are completely itemized in the quarterly audit and permanent records are maintained by Seven Gates Entertainment. All corporate information is available for public inspection by requesting a quarterly stockholders report.


Internal Revenue Service 1040-EZ/C
Simplified Corporate Tax Form 2001/2

Company Name & Address: Publicity Stunt Studios, POB 3121, Page, AZ  86040
Federal Tax ID No.: 55-51315113 Off Shore Account: x Yes o No

Please answer each line carefully.

Line 1. How much did you make in 2001………………..………….$1,870,000.00

Line 2. SEND IT IN.

Publicity Stunt Studios 15 April 2002

Line 3. Preparer’s Signature Date

Line 4. Mail to: Internal Revenue Service, Ogden, UT 85716


Five-Year Voyage

Two full-time production crews currently rotate through what appears to be a fairly relaxed production schedule. Quite the contrary, the 4-day production week is very demanding and requires that all staff members adhere to stringent performance standards both on and off stage. The Nervous Wrecking Crew receives pay and benefits that is highly competitive on a national scale. Seven Gates Articles of Incorporation deny the existence of Unions within the company and this has tremendously helped to keep costs reasonable. Our pay scale currently meets or exceeds the demands of known Unions and our negligible turnover affords sufficient incentive to maintain operations in this fashion. 

The management office receives between 150 to 300 new job applications weekly.

Publicity Stunt Studios is currently expanding it’s production capability to support the increasing demands of the hit television series Flagstaff 2098 which debuted on KNAU in March, 1999. The series is filmed entirely in Flagstaff and takes place 100 years in the future. Wrecking Crew actors have found themselves loaned more frequently to the set of Flagstaff 2098 as the expansion of studio capability has inspired the writers to increase the dynamics and demands of the show. Flagstaff 2098 is now syndicated on 78 networks around the world. 

Screening for a 3rd full production crew is in progress to offset on-going engagements, local media requirements and the production of Flagstaff 2098. 

Organizational Chart

The Executive Producer of Publicity Stunt Studios sits on the Seven Gates Group board with the weighted power of 85 votes.

The Executive Director of The Nervous Wrecking Company answers to the Executive Producer of Publicity Stunt Studios. The following formula is used at the Yacht Club only:

The Executive Director is subordinated by a Managing Director and an Artistic Director.

The Artistic Director is subordinated by the Production Producer and the Technical Designer. All other Designers fall under the TD including sound and camera crews. 

The Production Producer manages the actors, stage, house crew, enforces all scheduling and acts as a liaison between production and other department heads.

The Managing Director has an Office Manager and a Public Relations Manager.

The Office Manager is in charge of auditing, accounting, payroll, licensing, all reporting, ticket sales, contracts, personnel management and hires competent personnel to complete this task. 

The Public Relations Manager is responsible for publicity, speaking engagements, direct contact with concerned authorities, the media, reproduction, distribution, advertising, promotional materials and hiring competent staff to accomplish this task. 

Marketing Plan

Public suggestions were not expected to determine our marketing strategies as much, but the Wrecking Crew’s ‘cult’ status in spheres, has caused us to accept the desires of fans who have voiced themselves regionally. The Spotted Owl Dinner, for instance, left a permanent imprint on the community with regard to implementing their ideas with little or no bureaucracy. Apparently, when we demonstrate that "we’re listening" to the public through action, the public rewards us with faithful patronage and a surge of creative ideas. In this respect, volunteerism has exceeded every expectation for a public outreach program. The Marketing Plan is not broke -- there are no plans to fix it. 

Fund-Raising & Special Plans

One of the Wrecking Crew’s greatest assets has been the maintenance of an outstanding repore with local authorities, school district and elected officials. Beginning in 2002, we will be hosting a production meeting with representatives from all of the influential facets of the community. This meeting will largely affect our public relations agenda by determining those actions that will most benefit the community through fund raising and special projects. 

Corporate Information

Publicity Stunt Studios, the management company for The Nervous Wrecking Crew, is the entertainment division of Seven Gates Group, LLC. Seven Gates is headquartered in Page, Arizona and is comprised of three divisions: 

l Seven Gates Entertainment serves as the accounting/comptroller division of the group and is the original corporation from which the group is headquartered. 

l Publicity Stunt Studios began as a record label; was acquired by Seven Gates and expanded into an entertainment management company. The label continues as Publicity Stunt Records and has extended its reach to include large-scale acoustical engineering for both theater and film. Publicity Stunt Records produces the soundtrack for Flagstaff 2098 and maintains the sound rigging at the Yacht Club.

l Cyonic Nemeton is an Internet information and marketing network created specifically by the Group for information management and global marketing research. Cyonic Nemeton hosts the industrial espionage component of the corporation and provides industrial security for other Group ventures.