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Farewell -- Chapter 15

1.  As the sea of stars filled Bri's window, he could not help but wonder how long this journey would last.  Vejhon had long vanished, no longer a glimmering speck in the skyline.    

2.  A thousand possibilities ran through his mind, "Would this last a year or a hundred years?  What will happen to Vejhon while we're gone?  We brought the flag with us, so are we refugees from our own shell?"  He knew that some of the evacuees understandably felt like refugees.

3. Certainly, new epics would unfold as a result of this evacuation.  "Are we the only ones in the Universe who have taken this course?" he wondered.  Undoubtedly,  other shellans were wondering similar things aboard other Cardships.  Any imaginable hardship was easily diminished by an abundance of shipboard amenities.   

4. He studied the room's appointments:  A timer on the wall to his right kept track of their time away from Vejhon.  A holographic representation of Vejhon was built into the wall beneath the timer.  A plasma panel marked special occasions and historic events.  The panel was a containment field.  The plasma was real. 

5.  Kyle'yn knew that Bri wanted to touch the Balipor flag one final time before it was locked inside it's display case. 

6.  Bri laid the flag inside and closed the lid.  The case expelled the air and locked.           

7.  He set the case on its designated shelf under the clock, stepped back and saluted.   Then he took two steps back to dismiss himself, and returned his attention to the window.  

8.  "Only Mother knows where we are now," he thought, not recognizing the stellar formations any more. 

9.  He thought about Zam El's Orb, where The One preserved Zam El aboard a spherical boat before the shell collapsed.  Vejhon's shell had never collapsed, but the story possessed moral significance.  "This is our Orb," Bri compared, "Maybe the fables are disguised prophecies?"   

10. "We did not fall to the ground helpless," he defended, "begging The One to save us."  He included everyone, "We used our minds to create a way."  He stepped closer toward the glass window, "Either way, we thank The One for our survival.  We thank The One that the destroyer did not know this solution.  He lost because we lived."  The consequence of inaction.   "We did act and lived."

11. The allegory came forward, "Why did Kor say that millions would die because of me?"  He did not need to remind anyone that he was instrumental in saving nearly 4 Billion souls.  For possessing such disdain of theatre, Kor was full-time drama.  "What was it Kyle'yn said?  Responsibility," he remembered, "We lived because we learned the meaning of responsibility."

12. "What's going on at Balipor right now?" he wondered, "Are they ransacking the place?"

13.  For the first time in his life, the symbol of Vejhon was desolate and lonely; he sensed and felt nothing as if a recording had been erased.  "For however long it takes," he said, "I'm bringing justice with me when I return."  He meant it.
14. The Cacci Dai had appointed the Presidential Office with lush amenities built into the walls, ceiling and floor.  The room was terraced, with an inviting library elevated on one side and a modest audience area facing the wall-length window.  The Presidential desk was cozy, elegant and functional with live plants tastefully appointed throughout. 

15. The office had been adorned with some of Aqu'Sha's personal effects.  He picked up a framed picture of Aqu'Shas children and smiled sadly, remembering the President's quiet bewilderment as items kept vanishing from his Balipor office one by one.  It took him weeks to notice that some things were missing and he thought that he had misplaced them himself.  Bri expected a Presidential pardon for re-locating the President's stuff.  A pardon that would never happen.  He set the picture back exactly the way he found it.     

16. As he looked over the room, he realized that the room should serve a higher purpose.  "Aqu'Sha was the first martyr," he reflected, "I'm re-designating this room as a memorial for all to visit."  The Director's office was close by, and Kyle'yn could read Bri's thoughts from anywhere, "I warrant," he said psionically.  Bri grinned, "I'm grateful that my conscious has a voice."   "And a name," the Director gently inserted. 

17.  "Let's redesignate it, 'The Hall of Remembrance," Bri said, "All who perish, from this moment forward, will have their names recorded here…in this tomb."  His 2nd Presidential Order:  So Mote It Be.   And so it was done.


18.  There was a wine-colored, tri-folded letter with a Presidential seal laying on Aqu'Sha's desk.  The color scheme matched Aqu'Sha's personal stationary so Bri thought nothing of it.  It perplexed him that he didn't notice it sooner...  "How did this get here?" he wondered.   He could have swore that there was nothing there when he looked at Aqu'Sha's children just seconds ago.  "It must be my head playing tricks... the stress of leaving," he dismissed.     

19.  The letter was addressed: "My Son."  Aqu'Sha had three sons and one daughter.  Bri instinctively picked up letter because Aqu'Sha never ignored his kids.  When he addressed one child, he used the child's name.  "Aqu'Sha didn't write this," he concluded rather quickly. 

20.  It was his right to break the Presidential seal, so he snapped the wax, unfolded the letter and began reading:

21.  "I write this from a far away place.  I'm forbidden to reveal my identity.  I can tell you that the Hand of God has been with you since before you were born."

22.  That was a curious salutation, he thought... "before you were born..."  Vejhonian lore believed in a pre-existence, but such beliefs were not attributed to any particular sect.  

23.  "I knew you then." 

24.  Again, Bri looked away.  The writer certainly knew how to capture his attention, "Who... knew who then?  Is this to me?" he wondered, "How could it be?"   

25.  "Your birthright grants you abilities that are blocked to most, but with great power comes great responsibility.  Everything that I could tell you in writing has already been recorded in your epigenomic memory.  I just wanted you to know that you have never been alone and I'm very proud of you."

26.  The letter was signed:  "Your Father."  Bri felt like he had been smashed with an emotional hammer.  It had been written to him and he was fighting back deeply repressed emotions:  He gritted his teeth, "Why do you care now?"  Then remembered how pointless it is to grieve over the irretrievable.  Especially now.  He forced himself to relax; to emulate a presidential demeanor. 

27.  He remembered his last conversation with El Sha and quietly lipped the name, "Daniel?" leaving a small pause for doubt.  Underneath the signature was a monogram that represented the fabled, non-existent Corlos.  And that ridiculous underground litany came to mind, "Life through Light and Death; Beauty and Savagery."  He flicked his finger through the hologram effect, "How do they do that?"  He flipped the letter over, looking for nanotechnology.  Nothing detectable. 

28.  "What's with the saying?" Bri questioned the litany's origin, "Micha said it was really Jolvian."  Micha came aboard with Vicar Miles.  Bri liked having him around because he was belligerently honest and a walking encyclopedia of everything that he wasn't supposed to know.   Who would have guessed that a Jolvian agent would become the President's BFF?  The two had since created a law unto themselves, owing loyalty only to each other.  "Non-essential personnel, "Bri remembered.  "Not anymore!"
29.  "Mother?" Bri queried out into space psionically, testing the new psi-strata.  "I'm here Darling," she responded from 11 miles away in a pantheon copied from the original, "It's beautiful!" she complimented.  She let him read a private thought, "The vegitation, the creek, everything.  It's perfect!"  Then more sympathetically, she consoled, "I was with you during your moment of grief."  There were no psi barriers within the ship's interior. 

30.  Bri smiled, "I'll see you more often now, Mother."  El Sha had read the letter from his mind, and thought it would be best to to let him approach her about it, when he was ready. 

31.  Bri turned his attention back to the desk.  The letter was gone.  Nowhere to be found.  "Daniel?" he whispered.  He knew that nobody would answer.