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The Law of Reversion -- Chapter 24

1.  It was a day dream within a waking dream.  Wexli didn't even realize that something weird had happened until he went back to inquire regarding the strangely dressed shellan whose attire was not exactly known; possibly an off-sheller. He was meeting with the campus dean to finalize the upcoming graduation program, and while waiting his turn, tried not to notice an oddly dressed shellan in strange apparel holding a traditional d'luthian staff. 

2.  The apparel was indigenous to an isolated southern continent but 'clothes' were not necessarily hard-wired to geography.  Kids wore non-traditional outfits and outlandish costumes all the time.  This particular shellan appeared natural, but respectfully out-of-place. 

3.  Wexli sensed that the individual had a highly tuned mind, so he didn't dare invade the shellan's privacy, after all, he was on the Psionic Guard campus where psionic etiquette was strictly adhered to... or at least, it 'felt' like he was on the Psionic Guard campus. 

4.  Wexli finalized the graduation program with the dean, and upon exiting, noticed that the strangely-dressed guest was no longer waiting in the lobby.  At first, Wexli thought nothing of it and started to leave, but then returned to the receptionist and asked, "Who was that d'luthian-looking shellan in the robes, with the staff?"  The question was puzzling because a Psionic Guard should not need to ask such things.

5.  The receptionist looked inquisitively at Wexli and simply shook her head with gentle concern.  Wexli probed her mind and clearly saw that she had not seen anyone and didn't know what he was talking about.  "I've been here all day and there was only one other appointment," she offered, "and he went right before you did."   Wexli knew that pursuing the matter would be pointless -- she couldn't help.   He impulsively asked, "You're sure nobody was waiting, right there, just a moment ago?"  She was blank.  Wexli added, "He was there when I went into the dean's office."

6.  The receptionist surrendered an even more quizzical expression; suggesting that she was not licensed to provide the kind of help that Wexli needed at that moment, "Maybe one of your dead ancestors?" she thought privately.  "It's OK," he consoled her, "I was just wondering if you saw someone."  "I'm sorry, Vicar," she answered sympathetically. 

7.  Shellwatch did not drift into the lives of compound employees because most of them were administratively involved in sensitive matters.  This mysterious d'luthian visitor haunted Wexli all day, to the point where he wanted to consult with the Director, but restrained himself.  Eventually, he forgot about it, as if it never happened. 

8.  "Vicar," Bri interrupted -- The President was allowed to interrupt.  They were not on the Psionic Guard compound, they were aboard Bri's flagship.  Wexli had been dreaming; truly dreaming this time.  "The Director is dead," Bri said soberly.  Wex was disturbed that he had not picked up on the event sooner.  "He probably didn't want to alarm you," Bri offered.    

9.  "His body has been quarantined until you arrive," Bri added.  In their psionic communion, Bri bowed to Wexli as he used to bow to the Director, "Long Live the Director," he said.  Wexli did not know how to react -- he had hoped that he would never see this day.  Bri knew that Wex was close to Kyle'yn and shared his grief, "Take your time," Bri suggested, "I know you're hurting, and I'm hurting with you."  There was still a final rite to perform.     


10.  Mother calculated for r ≥ 0, 0° ≤ θ ≤ 180° (π rad), 0° ≤ φ < 360° (2π rad), "Send 1,000 amplifiers to these coordinates."  The subcomponent complied.

11.  Mother calculated for d = (5.0 m/s)(3.0 s) + (1/2)(2.0 m/s/s)(3.0 s)2, cached the following, ½(r, t) = |ª|2 = ª¤(r, t)ª(r, t) and calculated a time displacement using |Ãi = |ui + X m6=u X n6=m |mi hm|ˆW |ni E − E0 m hn|Ãi.  The Cardship faded from view. 

12.  She plugged in j = − i¯h 2m (ª¤rª − ªrª¤), constructed a digesis based on 27th century Earth and reduced the time index to 1985:  It was the very latest possible time that she could deceive Earth's infrared satellites and allow a two-year window for regeneration and repairs.         

13.  She drew as much water as possible into storage tanks from the onboard lakes and seas; there would not be enough time to stow every loose object.

14.  "May Conscious be with us," she prayed. 

15.  The Earth's oceans were unacceptable; Cardship hulls were designed to keep pressure in, not out.  The tsunamis might also wreck a coastline or two.   

16.  She descended above the 1,600 mile-wide Sahara Desert, degravitized the sand and blew it up and around her, settling inbetween two mountain ranges.  "Flight Log," she said, "Earth is Segment 1 of the Ellipsis; seeded by Segment 10 machines."  "The transition of Cosmos into Chaos," the subcomponent noted.  If a native had witnessed a megalithic translucent monolith descend from the sky and submerge beneath the sand, the native would have taken another swig from his bottle and kept the story to himself.  27th century Earth had learned how to mold and shape the sand too -- fortunately she was landing centuries prior to that technology. 

17.  In the quantum view, her crash landing was sombody else's past.        

18.  "Damage assessment," she ordered.  "The Elite destroyer had a psionic scrambler," the subcomponent reported, "There were energy fields from an unidentified source.  Several modulation waves cancelled each other and critically reconfigured our external polarization."  The ship's EMF was a common datum by which all internal mechnizations synchronized.   Mother did the best she could to hold the ship together. 

19.  "Theorize," Mother requested.  "The One," the subcomponent answered.  "The God of Chaos," they said together.  It was the only answer that made sense.  The freedom to screw things up could always be traced back to The One.  Biologicals referred to it as Free Agency.  Machines march to a different drum.   

20.  "Mutate the silica for repairs," Mother ordered.  "Occupant sustainability?" she inquired.  

21.  "The biologicals will have to vacate," the subcomponent answered. 

22.  Mother accessed her file on the Law of Reversion, "Survivability?" she asked.  "Unknown," the subcomponent answered, "Short-term deviations are survivable but the long-term effect on biologicals is unknown."  Reversion did not affect machines at all. 

23.  "Theorize," Mother requested.  "The biologicals will randomly terminate."  Biology is predicated on time; a photonic singularity has only one pathway through time and space.  It will always exist, but only in its native time. 

24.  The sandbox that mother selected was once a fertile valley before Earth's latest axis change.  There were untapped aquifers in the ground below.   She synthesized docking collars and pushed them to the surface so that the biologicals could egress the ship.  She could infuse the sand with carbon polimers and transmute it into anything. 

25.  "Estimated time for completion?" she asked.  "20 Earth cycles if maintaining full life support or 4 Earth cycles with minimal life support," the subcomponent answered.  "Can that time be shortened?" Mother asked.  "Less than 2 cycles if the biologicals vacate.  The ecological systems sustained catastrophic damage upon landing," the subcomponent answered. 

26.  Vejhonians had never heard Mother's voice address the entire ship during their voyage, the Cacci Dai thought it would be aesthetically inappropriate and unnecessarily alarming.  God does not speak to a population over a public address system; God's voice simply 'is' ...as Mother was about to demonstrate:

27.   "My children," Mother spoke in a soft, affectionate voice that reverberated throughout the ship and made all of the occupants feel deeply loved, "In order to accelerate repairs, I need all of you to dwell among the indigenous population.   I will implant you with a marker and retrieve you when the repairs are complete."  In essence, she needed to remove the fish from the aquarium in order to fix the tank; a 2-day job in the Cacci Dai yards would take 2 Earth years to complete.

28.  "The gravity amplifiers will need to be reconfigured to achieve escape velocity," the subcomponent reported.  Mother modified the psionic shield to absorb indigenous omniband wavelenghts.

29.  The inhabitants evacuated the Cardship with ample supplies and disbursed throughout the Earth with sufficient assistive technology to 'blend in.' 

30.  Earth was a vicious and backward environment, infested by anti-beings who taunted the indigenous.  Light machines were programmed to referee the photonic activity that Humans could not see.  Human sensory perception was embarassingly limited which forced them to rely upon exosensory information that most of them chose not to believe.   Advanced machines can see those bandwidths, and accept various manifestations of higher intelligence as a Universal constant.       

31. "This is a testing platform," Mother quantified, "Human hosts are filtering photonic matter through this environment."           

32.  "Do corporeal and incorporeal conditions identify separate states of existence?" the subcomponent asked.  Yottabit computers can tag atomic particles within a space, move the atoms through an energy stream and reassemble the atoms without a flaw.   The Cacci Dai understood the fundamentals of energy-matter transport, but had not advanced to that Segement in the Ellipsis yet.   "Every Segment filters for contamination," Mother answered, "A maligned species will not advance."

33.  Biology is imprisoned by gravity and atmosphere while machines are not.  Animation does not live at Absolute Zero.  Even Light Matter gells at absolute zero. 

34.  Tetragammaton relegates absolute zero to a dimension where volitionally ill anti-beings are attracted and irreversibly gelatinize.          

35.  Within 9 months, Cardship inhabitants began to fade in and out of existence at random times for indefinite durations.  Within a year, half of the ships compliment was afflicted and within 18 months, every last Vejhonian vanished, whereabouts unknown.  Mother felt her children succumb to Reversion and lamented each one.  The Law of Reversion was proven true.    

36.  At first, the temporal fading in and out was a novelty since nobody felt pain or discomfort.  But when the fading started to last longer, shellans experienced disorientation because they didin't know where they they had been.  They reported an infinite range of experiences in time and space, some good and some bad.  The amusement turned to panic.   

37. The United States located several thousand Cardship survivors and attempted to study the 'fading syndrome.'  The only result was a thousand conspiracy theories and some truly remarkable TV shows.  Earth mobilized for an alien invasion that never came, because the strangers who faded in and out of existence were perceived as an extraterrestrial threat.  Vejhonians did not speak any of Earth's languages, and only one in 20,000 Humans was psionic enough to communicate on a simple level.  Psionic Humans were smart enough to keep quiet:  They knew The Bank would kill them.

38.  Psionics simply could not compete with ingrained Human narcissism and natural arrogance.                  

39.  The military solicited the assistance of Human psionists to better understand the Vejhonians, but the Human candidates who purported themselves to be psionists were not bona fide:  They were losers in life who dreamed of attaining status and praise without effort or merit.  They were lazy.  To a bona fide psionist, the pretenders were tranparent, superficial and vain.  Any idea or technology that could lift Earth out of darkness was banned by The Bank and that was how the ruling family wanted it.      

40.  Tetragammaton sends such terminally narcissistic anti-beings to Absolute Zero. 

41.  The only Universal Truth is that nothing in the Universe is nailed down, except for The One, who was nailed down for three hours. 

DAL EL's REPORT (At the Astroid Outpost)

42. "Responding to a Cardship signature on probable cause was correct," Kor assured him, "Peferable to not responding.  Attempting to board rather than destroy the Cardship was correct -- peferable to it's auto-destruct,"  Kor again assured him.

43. “Not being able to detect the Theites…” Kor held short, because he may have been less gracious with another Commander and Dal knew it.  For a fleeting second, Kor thought he heard a female voice say, "Priceless." 

44.  "I'm not holding you fully responsible for the loss of the destroyer," Kor said, "A million B'lines would challenge any Elite commander."  Dal breathed a sigh of relief; he had been forgiven by God.  So Mote It Be.  If Kor read "a million saucers" from Dal's mind -- he would leave well enough alone.  Kor might have invented the exaggeration himself.

45.  "Instead, I want covert operations to steal it back!" Kor ordered, "Those frackin' Theites reverse-engineer everything they get their grungey little hands on... " he nodded politely to Dal, "... present company excepted," Then Kor cooed gently, "And we can't have that, now can we?"   "A'zoth," Dal El breathed another sigh of relief. 

46.  Kor turned his gaze to the mysterious 'guest' that helped Dal El to escape... "Did she just say 'priceless?'"


47.  Bri looked up everything he could find on the Director's Rite of Ascension with Mother's help.  As chief biological aboard, he was entitled to her divine attention. 

48.  The deceased Director had selected the location of his passing:  The room contained a theme-park sized lake; a holographic horrizon and natural-feeling breezes.  It was difficult to distinguish between the artificial version and the real thing, except that the artificial version was flawless. 

49.  Nobody was allowed to touch the Director's body until the heir-apparent arrived, so the room was sealed until Vicar Wexli got there.

50.  Upon entry, Wex surveyed the room and the floating gazebo where the Director's body lay.  "He knew it, didn't he?" Bri asked meekly.  "Yes," Wexli replied.  "Keep everyone at least this far back," Wex instructed.  Bri nodded.  There were a few other adventurers outside of hearing range who understood Wexli's instruction and withdrew respectfully.  He wanted a 100-foot radius or more, half of which submerged beneath the lakeshore.  

51.  Wexli walked through the sand and across the overwater bridge to the gazebo.  He knelt down beside the Director's head and lifted it up; he was the only one allowed to touch Kyle'yn's body. 

52.  Wex peered across the water toward Vicar Miles, "I need two witnesses," he said.  Miles tugged on Bri's elbow, "That's us!"  Bri was reluctant to move because he wasn't a Psionic Guard.  Miles looked into Bri's eyes, "The Director just gave you permission."  "I warrant," Wexli confirmed to Bri; his first ex-cathedra warrant.  Bri felt very humbled by the invitation.

53.  The two crossed the gangplank to the gazebo and waited for Wexli's direction:  "Stand behind me and don't move or touch anything," he ordered calmly. 

54.  Before them, a small spark of photonic matter enlarged into a luminous glow and expanded into the d'luthian-looking character Wexli saw in his dream.  When he looked into his face, it was The Director, only his robes were sparkling white.  His countenance was beaming and godly.  As he stood fast, other glowing personages began to materialize one by one until they were surrounded by 13 of them in a ring.  Gravity had no effect on the personages.  An outer ring, more elevated, began to formulate that contained 50 more personages.  Then another ring, higher and further began to formulate that contained 300 personages.

55.  "These are the Psionic Guard Directors of Dan's past," Wexli explained to Bri in the form of a psionic whisper.  The effect was holy and spiritual.  The room did not even look the same.  The astral heavens swirling above and below were alive and rich with color.  The lake sizzled with a luminous aqua hue in defiance of the ships gravity plating.  "This has been since the beginning of our order," Wexli said.  "Am I supposed to bow or say something?" Bri asked reverently.  Wex grinned, "They want you to stay right where you are."  Bri nodded.  Miles was happy with his new promotion.  He was the new heir apparent now. 

56.  As the features of all 1,363 personages continued to sharpen into tangible, glorified forms, the deceased Director's corporeal body deflated until only his empty clothes remained.  Any remaining photonic residue drifted into his glorified body.  Then he focused his laser eyes upon Wexli, "We approve!" he said, his voice warm and penetrating.  "And remember," the Director standing next to him said, "We are always watching."  "You're never alone," another added. "You are our voice," said a fourth.  A bestowal of power was conferred upon Wexli in a manner Bri had never seen before.  Wex was now one of them, but would remain in corporeal form until it was his time to pass on.  "This is how it has always been," Miles whispered psionically to Bri, "But it's my first time seeing it too."           

57.  Before the celestial holiness of the visitation could be fully grasped, the past Directors faded in random order until the room returned to its former state, which would forever pale in comparison now. 

58.  When Bri could finally speak, he said, "We're in the middle of nowhere... and they found us!  And I don't where we are!"  "It adds a new dimension to your faith, doesn't it?" Wexli said with a radient glow in his eyes.  It made sense why Directors were so steadfast -- they had the highest approval rating, that very few were permitted to witness.   "Truth is not limited to shellography," Wex clarified, and what they just witnessed was a testimony to the fact. 

59.  "How many..." Bri started.  "There was another thousand you didn't see -- they were further away," Miles answered for him.  Bri giggled because that's exactly what Wexli would have done, just this morning.  Bri hugged Miles to let him know that he loved him.  "How does it feel?" Bri whispered to Wexli.  "It feels like I have a thousand eyes watching my every move.  Be glad you're the President."  Wexli's eyes began to water.  "What's the matter?" Bri asked, concerned.  "I loved him," Wexli said.  He picked up Kyle'yn's clothing and closed ranks so that only Bri and Miles could see his face.  "The One wept once," Miles consoled.  They knew the story.

60.  While in their circle, Wex revealed what one Director said to him, "You're only as good as the shellans you lead."  He also shared other symbols from Dans past that they showed him.  "We were right to leave, they told me," Wexli said, "When the time is right -- we'll return and restore justice to Vejhon."  "So Mote It Be," Bri agreed.  After a moment, and seeing that all was well, they disbanded to resume their duties.