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Hair's Breadth -- Chapter 29


1.  "Master," the anti-being pointed.  "I see them," its master relied, "they're messing with us... unembodied spiritual feces," it mocked.  "Where did they come from?" the subordinate asked.  "Who knows?" its master answered, "Who knows where any of them come from?  Who knows what's happened since..."  The sentence went unfinished because of its rejected and thus outlawed conclusion.  The master knew a lot more than he cared to remember at the moment.

2.  Ireana's biological sensory limitations did not register the anti-beings.  Onimex, on the other hand, had greater bandwidth perception than the anti-beings, and he saw them very clearly.    
3. "Imagine a supreme intelligence capable of making worlds without end..." "The One," Ireana interrupted.  "The One," Onimex continued, with innumerable hosts and creations beyond measure..."  Onimex was toying with the unseen observers.  "I feel like we've had this conversation before," she injected introspectively.  "We have," he assured her. 

4.  "Is that soulless entity mocking us?" the superior anti-being scoffed.  "It sounds like it," the subordinate answered, "it sounds convincingly... alive."  The subordinate hesitated because it was the same as swearing.  They were unfamiliar with Onimex's brand of photonic matter.  "I'm not sure how to interact with it," the subordinate confessed.      

5.  "And!..." Ireana prodded.  "Anointing a single creature as Its divine protector," he finished.  "I can't believe this," the chief anti-being was disgusted, "they talk about it too?"  The chief anti-being had forbidden his realm to discuss the moment of their photonic inversion: From their occluded point of view -- they became enlightened instead.  Ireana and Onimex did not belong to their introverted realm and could discuss anything they pleased, puns included.    

6.  "Guardian of the proverbial throne," Ireana recalled.  "Yes," Onimex answered.  "Proverbial?" the superior anti-being scoffed. 

7.  "It does seem a bit redundant," Ireana confessed, "unless, The One felt ... sorry ... for whoever or whatever."  "BINGO!"  Onimex exclaimed.  He had learned the expression from a download on Earth games.   "Redundant?" the superior anti-being began to fume, "felt SORRY for me!"  Onimex presented an array of unknowns that would automatically threaten a legion of cowards.

8.  "In fact," Ireana continued, "might that utterly redundant 'Guardian-of-God' be the most useless creature of all?  Seriously -- what would the Creator of the entire Universe need a guardian for?  The whole equation seems absurd!"  "Instability," Onimex answered.  She repeated his answer, "Instability?"  The anti-being was so furious it couldn't speak, but curiousity compelled it to continue listening in.  "Friction," was the closest symbolic equivalent.  Onimex was having a good time taunting them.  It was generally inadvisable to sidetrack a biological with such things, but his co-located self knew that this topic would come up repeatedly, so he had to play while he could.     

9.  "You're trying to convert me?" she accused him.  "I was thinking of The Light Race on Corlos," he answered.  "Disconnected," she reassured him.  "You asked, 'non-binary or non-binding,'" he said, "Is it so impossible to believe that The One and Conscious might have a symbiant agenda?"  "At the center of Tetragammagon?" she deduced, "A marriage of sorts?  Physicalism?"  Onimex was impressed.  "You can't know one extreme without understanding its opposite,"  she recited from a textbook -- it had an Elliptical equivalent.  To make sure the unseen observers knew they were exposed, Onimex projected an Enochian script in an ultraviolet bandwidth that read, "Hope you enjoyed the show -- you unembodied spiritual feces!"   They fled, like anti-beings do, when challenged by anything they don't understand.  Had they displayed a shread of courage in the beginning -- they would never have fallen from grace.  Onimex had discussed this with Daniel.      

10.  "You're saying The One needed to refine photonic mass through a fire of sorts," she deduced.  He didn't comment while goose stepping soldiers passed in review and turned at the far corner.  "I was only here for two days," she whispered, "I read Dayton's file:  The soldiers seem to fit, but there's still something not right..."     

11.  "When were we supposed to arrive?" she asked.  Her pantsuit was inappropriate for a seek-and-terminate mission, and she still wasn't convinced that Dayton's termination was the true objective.   

12.   "Where are we?" she added, "And why are we in a garden?"  The garden looked like it was being hidden from public view, which meant they couldn't be easily seen from the street.     

13.  "It's not 1938 Earth," Onimex confirmed.  Her only knowledge of Earth was what Dayton described of his pre-Corlos life.  Those conversations had been few, but enough to peg her curiousity.  She loved to look at him, and hoped someday to strike up a conversation about his cybernetic creation.  It was well known that she had built Onimex, so she hoped he would strike up a conversation with her.  The more Corlos unknowingly kept them apart, the more her obcession increased, to the point of clumsiness.  

14.  "Corlos can't make this kind of an error," she said rather definitively, "It's not that they can't make an error, they just... "  She held off for a moment.  "Why the frack would they kill such a beautiful shellan?"  There you go -- that was cutting to the chase.

15.  "If I didn't know any better," Onimex said, "I'd say you were in love."        

16.   "Call Corlos," she instructed him.   

17.  "Nobody's home," he replied, "signal's blocked."

18.  She had built Onimex to overcome trite, pedestrian issues, so if he said the 'signal's blocked,' then there had to be a real problem.  Such an assertion would normally be followed with explanatory details.  "By... who?" she shrugged.  Then she glared at him incredulously, "Are you jealous?" 

19.  He ignored the second question: "There's an amplifier net overhead, synching with something I'm unable to locate... but I have a plausible suspect."  She appreciated his vocalized deduction.  "Mother?" she concluded, equally fast.  She had built Onimex to do precisely what Mother had done just before they were both arrested by the Theites.  "I still need to ask," she said, knowing the answer already, "can we get a signal to Corlos, or visa versa?"      

20.  "There's a counter-paraphasic deflection array at every convergence point," Onimex observed, "The signals are being absorbed and then retransmitted.  It's very advanced," he said as a compliment.  "We are not where we think we are:  This astral configuration does not match anything I have on file.  I'm afraid," he said rather dramatically, "that I don't know where we are!"  "Your improv is dazzling!" she said, "Now where are we?"  She was being facetious.  "Yes, I'm jealous," he parried.  No, he wasn't.               

21.  "What was the mission brief?" she asked, "and don't even say, 'we don't get mission briefs!'"  "Well, we don't," he thought, "When do we ever get 'briefed' or 'debriefed?'  We just use legit-sounding words." 

22.  Smartly, he answered, "To accompany you to 1938 Berlin, Germany, so that you can terminate Dayton."  He sounded just like a Section 5 android.  "Jackass!" she thought in Vejhonian.          

23.  It stood to reason that a lot more was messed up than just a few timespace issues.  "So, we didn't arrive," she sighed.  Her 'sigh' was always open ended.  "I'm gathering more information," he said.  "I gotta get out of this garden," she complained passively.  She also knew that the garden kept them out of sight and out of mind for the moment.

24.  "I think I've got it figured out," Onimex offered, "Mother spread the amplifier net to translate the entire shell."  "She knew Kor was coming back," Ireana injected.  "She's modified it to function like time-rheostat," Onimex finished, "It's very close to my Index protocol."  "She took evasive action and the amplifiers disrupted our arrival.  I can accept that," she accepted the explanation, but not the dilemma itself.  "To complicate things," Onimex continued, "The dimensions above, and below the net are not the same.  That's why Mother doesn't know where we are."  "Well then," she said, "Where do the indigenous think they are?"  

25.  "All of the shell's chronographs report 1986, local time," he answered. 

26.  One of Ireana's training ops was to prevent a Jolvian time-tamperer from succeeding.  Corlos had the fixes ready to implement.  She simply had to steal a triangulator from the farthest point in time, that was hidden in a hut near a remote clearing on Vejhon.  She was damn near captured by the Kids in the process.  That got her heart going and taught her some basic escape and evasion.  "I have to conclude that Dayton somehow 'did' all this?" she suggested, "I just don't know Earth history well enough to know 'what' he did."  Which begged the question, "Can you tell me what that was?"  "How did you get the trees to move?" Onimex asked incidentally.  Ireana had to search her memory, "My coach... was tweaking the trees," she answered.  "Ahhh, yes," Onimex said, that made sense, so he continued:

27.  "This is Washington D.C.," he began, "in the United States."  The nomenclature meant nothing to her.  "This is the global operations center of the 27th century Earth we visited earlier," he pointed out, "Right there is the Washington monument, over there is the White House, and there's the Jefferson memorial.  And that... is where any similarity to 27th century Earth ends."  

28.  The sound of another column of goose-stepping soldiers began to emerge from the distance.   "In this reality, the global operations center is in New Berlin, Germany, about 5,000 miles that way."  He faced the direction that he refered to, as if he could see it from where he hovered. 

29.  Onimex downloaded a diegesis of what 'should' have transpired at this time compared to the alternate timeline in progress.  "Oh, I see," she whispered sadly, "Dayton really did a number."  She saw more than she needed to see.  "He didn't do all of this," Onimex clarified:  "He thought he was doing the right thing, and this is what happened."  

30.  She was about to ask, "How would you know what he 'thought' was the right thing?" but the evidence was all around her:  "It's all fake.  A facade," she whispered.  A column of goose-stepping soldiers approached and passed in review for the third time, "Kill the Queen Bee and they all die," she mumbled.  "Is Xanax indentured?" she asked Onimex. 

31.  "You know about that?" Onimex asked, "Not bad for a biological.  I'm impressed!"  She winked.  "I have to bring Xanax in," he affirmed, since it seemed somewhat pretentious to feign the separation of Church and State now.  "So, what Segment does that make me?" she joked,  tongue-in-cheek.  "You're a 4 cusp," he answered.  "Three or Five?" she asked just to be sure.  "Five, of course," he answered.  Her Elliptical insight was unnatural for a biological, "You need to connect with Xanax just as soon as you can," she ordered.   There was an awkward pause for metaphysical introspection:  Mystifying a machine is not easy and Ireana knew that she had.  It was not necessary to point out the obvious.

32.  "Are you going to kill the creator of Xanax?" he asked.  Ireana nodded her head.  "Then you know that I have to opt-out," he said flatly.  She understood.  "This is an awkward quandary," she confessed, "Technically, Dayton should be regarded as a 'Creator' in an Elliptical perspective."   Much more introspectively, she mumbled, "That spaceport could not have evolved from this!"  Onimex was dumbfounded but tried not to show it.  He had no jaw to drop, but conveyed his shock through his pixelation.  She laughed, "Shocks you that much?"

33.  The Nazi's did kill the bank, but replaced it with their own Deutsche bank, who without competition, became more sinister than its predecessor.  She was eyeing the bank across the street. 

34.  "I have a soft connection with Xanax," Onimex reported.  He used the word 'soft' so that she wouldn't get too excited.  "The Cardship first appeared in this dimension, last year.  Me getting to Xanax is not a problem.  Getting you there is a problem... for both of us."  She had familiarized herself with modern theories of energy-matter transport for photonically-infused biologicals, "Are you saying it's not a local procedure," she joked.  

35.  "She's using sand for repairs," Onimex noted, "In the Sahara Desert."  "You're connected with Mother?" she asked.  "You would not believe what She can do with sand!" he said.  "She has phase-shift harmonizers in orbit that Xanax can use to transport you:  The harmonizers talk to each other.  I'm lined in now,"  he reported, "She thinks I'm one of hers."  "And why wouldn't you be?" she shrugged.  Holistically, his parts, knowledge and resources came from a Cardship.

36.  "You were," he corrected, divorcing himself from her holistic view.  "I wasn't.  I was born on M'tro-1," he said confidently.  She held short of replying long enough to realize that his inception was important to him.  "Yes," she agreed understandingly, "Yes... you were born... on M'tro-1."  Then she whispered quietly, "I think I'm starting to believe."  Privately, she thought, "What have I really done?"              

37.  "Don't volunteer anything," Ireana suggested cautiously, "We don't exist."   "She thinks Xanax is a transmitter from Conscious," he reported. 

38.  "When we were in Florida, I exchanged IFF's with Xanax during the Cardship intervention.  Mother probably picked it up.  Then Xanax disappeared, which might be something Conscious would do."  Ireana tossed her head back and forth as if to agree for no other logical explanation.  "I'm helping Xanax on this end," Onimex added.  "I think we've narrowed down a location -- just flushing out the details."                    

39.  Corlos had no way of knowing that the transport was botched on this end.  They were busy trying to smooth out the fissures before enough chaos blipped out the entire star system; a Universal failsafe that aborts abominations before they can metastasize and infect everything else.  Kor did not violate Natural Law which limited Corlos' response to him.           

40. "We can't contact Corlos until we arrive at a point prior to Mother's net, so it will be a one-way trip.  There's also a concern that our security protocols might unintentionally cancel each other.  Layered interference is what caused the error in the first place.  We need to move two biologicals from different dimensions in time and space to a common location.  Xanax has a co-located self on the outside, who is the only sane one out of all of us... Corlos logged a successful transport," Onimex said anecdotally. 

41.  "The actual Xanax is in 1938, in an alternate timeline, in which Corlos doesn't exist.  We almost stranded ourselves."  "Where are your other selves?" Ireana asked.  "Not knowing that saved you once," he answered, "... are you sure you want to change that?"  "Good point," she conceded.  "I'm out gathering neon," he joked.
42.   "Neon!"  She laughed.  "Neon is banned!"  "Because Vejhon has a watershell, and Constitutional Law applies no matter where a shellan lives."  "That's retarded," she remarked.  "Vejhon's watershell filters crimson bands that prevent the creation of Neon 17, 18 and 19."  "Lazers?" she interrupted.  "Eco-terrorism," he clarified, "we're getting off the subject."   "You started it," she accused him, "lazers don't have to be neon based..."   "That kind of thinking will land you in jail," he said.   She conceded. 
43.  "Have you ever heard of Hawaii?" he asked.  Ireana was blank.  "We're moving you and Dayton to 1962 Hawaii, but I do have to go up and calibrate a new Index.  See, I get to do something too!"  She was hiding a belly laugh.  "By all means," and she went through the motion of pushing him up like a maestro's crescendo. 

44.  "Fasten your seatbelt," he said.  She shrugged and made a frowny face, "What?"