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Weapons Ready -- Chapter 31


1.  "So that was your ulterior motive?" B'jhon asked.  Ordinarily, Corlos would induce a heart attack when an asset went rogue, and only when an asset was involved; executions and executioners were mostly symbolic.  Methods evolve but the old lingo sticks.  Dayton's termination order had switched from 'on,' to 'off,' then 'on,' and now 'off' again with a suspended sentence. 

2.  "I always have an ulterior motive," Daniel answered with a twinkle.  He appreciated B'jhon's psionic restraint.  When Daniel pushed a button on a remote console at Corlos:  Someone, somewhere in the Universe unknowingly experienced a paradigm shift and inherited a completely new life.

3.  B'jhon thought it was rather brilliant:  The most sophisticated machines in the Universe were safely out of sight, out of mind, in some other time on some other world and could change dimensions as needed.  "That's why you get the big bucks!" B'jhon said as he exited Daniel's office; a line he had heard during his field days.  "And not just any world, either!" Daniel teased. 


4.  "Was zur Hölle tun sie? Wo bist du?" Dayton asked, "Where the hell are you?"  "Ich bin hier richtig!" Kiles answered laughing, "I'm right here!"  He was using Xanax to tease his father, much like Dayton did years earlier to get Hitler's attention.  Dayton could have threatened both of them but had better success by threatening Xanax... sort of:  Onimex and Xanax were very protective of Kiles.   "Xanax, das es die doghouse!"  Xanax stopped playing.  "I have to go to work," Dayton defended his priorities, "You can play with Onimex," he said to Kiles who was 3-years-old at the time. 

5.  Dayton kissed Kiles on the forehead, took Xanax and went to work, where he was developing an artificial gravity platform at NASA's Hawaiian advanced propulsion lab.  "That's 'Kiles' like 'Key Lees or Hercules,' not 'Kiles' like 'miles,'" Ireana said over the phone.  Onimex created a likeness of Xanax for Kiles to play with and Xanax enabled his co-location.  Kiles learned at a young age that they were not like other families; that m
aintaining 'façade integrity' was an imperative family oxymoron. He learned tolerance and discretion.   

6.  "He's being tutored by two state-of-the-art A.I.s," Dayton said.  "Sired by the best-looking father," Ireana injected.  "And smartest mother," Dayton finished.  "Greek mythology would be envious," they both agreed.  "Don't tell everyone everything you know," Dayton admonished Kiles, "You could attract the wrong kind of attention," Ireana added.  "Onimex and Xanax already told me," Kiles confessed, "Onimex said the cardship inhabitants died of reversion.  Were they my family too?"  Ireana and Dayton looked at each other.  Kiles at 6-years-old had probably absorbed more information than most scholars, yet could still very much be a child.       

7.  "Mother couldn't do anything about that," Dayton consoled him.  "Mother?  She's not even here yet," Ireana said, looking at her watch as if it understood.  It was 1972.  The Cardship would not crash land for another 12 years.  "Little Director," Ireana squatted down to comfort him, "That hasn't happened yet.  Are Onimex and Xanax confusing you?"  "No," Kiles answered, "I'm the key to Segment 3."  Ireana stood up.  "They're teaching him the Ellipsis?  Should they be doing that?" she asked Dayton  "They're with him constantly," he shrugged, "They will tell him what they know."  The proverbial cat was a transdimensional cat now, sans the bag.

8.  "Segment 3, hua?" Ireana replied more tenderly.  "Yeah.  I'm going back to Vejhon," Kiles asserted, "when the Cardship gets here."   Again she looked at Dayton who formulated a thought so that she could read it, "I don't know what they talk about when I'm not around."  Kiles had the tenacity of Kor, his father's sense of humor, his mother’s dead pan accuracy and a world view based on mid-Elliptical A.I. philosophy that neither Dayton nor Ireana fully understood.  He was a natural athelete capable of 'toning it down' in order to blend in.  All the girls chased him for reasons that Dayton remembered very well.  "I'm never letting him date," Ireana teased, sometimes nervously. 

9.  His parents rarely had disagreements, but when they did, his father would say, "So, shoot me," and Ireana would go get her gun.  Then they would kiss and the matter was settled.  Kiles was well adjusted, energetic and possessed a quantum imagination. 
His spirit was faultlessly genuine and his faith seemed to create reality, "Emotions are like icing," he would sometimes say.  "Emotions are quantum filters," Xanax explained later, "for holographic perception."
10.  Kiles invented a hybred shard of psionics; revealing volumes with a single symbol.  "All information is ambient," he explained to Dayton once, "one simply needs to know how to access it."  Kiles was technically not psionic by a Vejhonian standard, but he seemed aware of events before they happened based on Elliptical insights considered toxic to biologicals.   For his 16th birthday, Ireana threw a no-expense-barred party.  While she watched the kids play in the pool, she asked Onimex, "I like his name, but what made you insist?"  "It wasn't me..." he started to explain.

11.  Suddenly, she had to flee from role-playing-Theotians who captured her and threw her into the pool.  "You won't escape from me!" Kiles assured her, all in good fun.  Onimex never finished his line.  She dove to the bottom of the pool where Xanax facilitated her escape to the balcony where Dayton was filming the fun.  "Where is she?"  "Hey!  How'd you do that?" the kids were amazed.  "I told you -- she's not Human," Kiles quipped.  "It's OK," Dayton calmed her before she could ask, "If you mix the truth with a thousand lies, nobody will believe the truth."  "Is that what you told Kiles?" she asked.  "He said it sounded like foreign policy," Dayton replied, "and that we're all aliens."  She thought about it for a moment and agreed with some hesitation.   

12.  Kiles’ role-playing adventures featured the glorious Vejhonian galactic civil war; his reenactments were disturbingly accurate, sometimes reciting dialogue from her life on M'tro-1 long before Onimex existed.  "How do you do that?" she asked.  Kiles rolled his eyes, "I looked!"  His tone suggested that anyone could do it, and he smartly omitted the word, "stupid!"   His folks had smacked him more than once for thinking out loud.  "It's not fair!" Kiles complained, "nobody else gets in trouble for what they haven't done yet"  "Yeah, well your thoughts are dangerous," she said. 

13.  "Biologicals are not meant to skip the learning process:  No segment is," Onimex said, "All matter is in a constant state of motion."  Dayton once said, "Ordinary truths can mask a wealth of information."       

14.  "He who adheres to wisdom -- adopts the experience," Kiles said, to condense Earth's most notable philosophies into 8 words.  "Elliptical wisdom," Onimex identified, "biologicals tend to invent their own truths."  "I have to go back to Vejhon," Kiles assured him, "I have to clear my mom's name:  This 'secret sorceress' crap has to end."   "There are 'time and space' differentials to consider," Onimex admonished him, "you'll age slower, for one."  "Then I'll go, do my business, and come back," he reasoned.

15.  Onimex disagreed, but Kiles intended to complete his mission 'come hell or high water.'  "Life through Light and Death..." Onimex sighed.