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Eternity Ends -- Chapter 35


1.  "The Cardship is right below us," Onimex observed.  From Kiles perspective, they were surrounded by an arid desert in all directions; blowing sand and mountainous sand dunes everywhere.  "You would sure never know it!" Kiles yelled over the sand storm.  He was properly bundled up to keep the sand out of his eyes and face.  "How do we get in?" He yelled above the howling wind. 


2.  "Identify?" Mother ordered the subcomponent.  "Half Vejhonian, half indigenous," the subcomponent answered.  There were no biologicals aboard to appreciate Kiles holographic image on display within her off-limits spherical chamber.  Next to his image was a holographic DNA-helix that belonged to Kiles.  "How many remain?" Mother asked.  "One," the subcomponent answered.  A hologram of 1987 Hawaii appeared with an image of Ireana working in her lab.  "Identify?" Mother requested.  Ireana's dossier appeared next to her image, translated into Vejhonian script, "Ireana Heidelberg, M'tro-1, seeded by ship 339, destroyed.  Corlos operative."

3.  Mother could see Ireana's offspring and Onimex hovering next to him in the sandstorm, "Onimex," Mother addressed him for the first time directly, "Incept?" she asked.  "She activated me just before M'tro-1 was destroyed," Onimex replied.  "The biological?" she asked.  "Kiles wants to visit Vejhon and clear his Mother of war crimes," Onimex explained.  "The war is over?" Mother asked.  "Yes," Onimex answered.  "Download," Mother commanded.  Onimex lined into her.  Mother examined his encounter with Conscious:  Kiles KEY Segment 3.  Onimex KEY Segment 8.  The data stream contained her own incept code; an absolute impossibility, except for Conscious., "Registry Accepted," Mother said, "The biological may enter."  


4.  A transparent dome of calm surrounded Onimex and Kiles in the sand.  The storm's deflection revealed the dome's outline.  Before him, the sand began to morph into a tunnel leading downward at a gradual angle.  The tunnel increased in detail until a highly sheik gangplank remained.  "The technology is mesmerizing," Kiles said.  There were no further effects.  As Kiles stood there, he realized that this was a point of no return.  On this side was his family.  On the other side was what lay beyond.  "Am I doing the right thing?" he asked Onimex meekly.  "This is the first time I've ever heard you question yourself," Onimex said, "I've told you everything that I can."

5.  "Will I see you again?" Kiles asked.  "I'm certain of it," Onimex said.  "Does reversion work in reverse?" Kiles asked.  "You are a product of then and now," Onimex answered, "I moved a sample of your blood to Ireana's native time after you were born.  The sample is fine -- you won't be affected."  Kiles toyed with his transponder that Dayton had made for him.  "Once you step across," Onimex said, "the transponder will no longer work."  "Why can't you come with me?" Kiles begged, "It's your native time too!"  "You're breaking my heart," Onimex said, "You know I can't come.  Why won't you stay here?"  It was an impasse, but they understood each other.

6.  Destiny was exciting, but saying "Good Bye" was hell.  When Kiles stepped across the threshhold, Ireana began to cry.  She didn't want to interfere with Kiles' destiny.  The long, long walk to the shipside was accelerated by the gankplank's technology.  Kiles was wisked away, and once he was out of sight, the gangplank crumbled back into ordinary sand as if nothing had been there except for Onimex's artificial imagination.  "Maybe I should have went," Onimex reconsidered sadly.  He was as much a parent to Kiles as Dayton, Ireana and Xanax.  "It hurts," he acknowledged quietly.  Kiles was 23, and had waited for this moment his entire life.

7.  There was a deep subsonic rumble that began to blow the sand away with the displacement of a megalithic sandblaster.  Onimex phased out a little so that the blasting sand wouldn't compromise his exterior technology.  Within a few moments, the Cardship's upper surface became more evident.  The sandstorm and Mother's new antigravity plating would conceal her departure.  Before she had completely cleared the desert's surface, she began to fade out of 1987.  She would emerge in the late 27th century somewhere far from here and beyond Earth's detection grid, taking the amplifier net with her.  Sand, no longer supported by her enormous 1 x 5 x 20 mile imprint, was filling up the valley that her body had created.   One wall had already collapsed and within days, it would be impossible to prove that a Cardship had ever been here. 

8.  Ireana invented the cure for Reversion too late to help a single shipwreck survivor and she let it haunt her unfairly according Dayton, "Corlos wasn't going to let you use it anyway," Dayton consoled her.  She knew Onimex would be back before he left and sure enough, there he was, descending from the sky, visible only to her because she knew exactly where to look and he knew that she was watching. "Show off," she politely accused him, far out of voice range still.  She swirled her crystal tumbler and listened to the ice tinkle.  "We age too fast here," she lamented sadly.

9.  He set down to his purry, comfortable hoover and spun once to humor her.  She knew better than to touch him right away. "Guess who I saw on Vejhon?" he said.  Ireana came to life, "Really?" she beamed, "Oh, sweetie, how was he?  How was my giant among shellans?"  "He misses you," Onimex replied factually.  "He wants you to come see him."

10.  "You know I can't," she sighed, "Corlos won't let me.  You know that."  She didn't mean to accuse him, but the idea tore at her heart strings.  "I'm sure Corlos can work something out," Onimex assured her, "...
I ... can work something out," he emphasized.   "Am I not the Elite Secret Sorceress of Legendary Fame?" she asked dramatically.   "Within some circles I suppose," Onimex answered, but the ones who really matter know the truth."  Kiles knew the Secret Sorceress story, but he didn't know that 'the' Sorceress was his mother.  Dayton told him that his mother was a sorceress, but not the fabled sorceress who helped Dal El Escape.

11.  The Secret Sorceress who had no name, was instantly recognized by agencies in at least 10 systems.  The bounty on Ireana had never been cancelled.  Director Miles recognized Ireana immediately in Kiles' mind.  He deciphered that she was a Corlos operative and that Corlos had banned her to Earth to protect her identity.  Corlos' secret was safe with him.   Her bravery stalled Kor long enough to save an inhabited shell. 

12.  "He's in school, about to graduate," Onimex answered.  Ireana had to do the math in her head.  "Time follows the 'Wherever you go -- there you are,' formula, he simplified.  It was a Theite expression, "If it makes you feel better," Onimex offered, "we won an interstellar conflict and you were the sole collateral of justice."  She appreciated his intention, but the reality didn't make her feel better.  "The sole collateral of justice," she repeated.  She would never equate her worth to the Billions who died for Kor's vanity, her 'alter-boyfriend,' Dayton teased her now and then. 

13.  Outside her window, a low-flying F-39 was landing vertically on a hot spot at Hickam.  The downward thrust vibrated her secret stash drawer open.  She closed it with her toe and took a deep breath of the plumeria tainted JP-8 exhaust, "I should send that recipe to Febreze," she thought.  "It doesn't exist yet," Onimex reminded her.  She looked at him, "1993," he answered.    
14.  Between now and her visit to 27th century Earth, the world’s legal codes would be absorbed into a global network called the Internet.  The legal profession would be abolished and lawyers who resisted euthanized.  Humans would receive a rice-sized node implanted in the lower cartilage of everyone’s right ear.  Money would be abolished and justice fully automated.    
15.  The ear node contained a citizens financial information, medical records, academic achievements, criminal and employment history.  It served as a PDA, alarm clock, iPad and cell phone.  Anything that anyone wanted to know could be found on-line in a cloud network, so the need for additional memory was redundant.  The constant need to 'upgrade' everything was replaced with common sense and eventually, 'planned obsolesce' was criminalized. The Bank had to 'give' a little... but very little.    

16.  One day, Ireana was looking for the ancient Greek symbol for the numeral six.  Onimex shortened her effort by displaying a “w” in her mind.  “The ancient Greek symbol for 6 was 'w,' he said, like an English 'w.'  The symbol is no longer used, but that’s how John the Revelator would have written it.”  He downloaded a symposium of comparative Earth belief systems into Ireana’s mind.  The prefix for future websites began with ‘666’ or ‘www’ in English.  “The Machines…” Ireana connected; the machines are networked.  She laughed out loud, "I knew you were going to bring up The Ellipsis.  I knew it!  Trying to convert me?"  Onimex didn't comment.  He was waiting for her real response.       
17.  “The Internet was invented by Dayton?” she asked.  “That future reality?...” she stopped in realization.  “Well, Xanax helped him,” Onimex clarified.  “And Dayton had a little help making Xanax.”  Onimex displayed a wheel with 10 spokes in her mind.  To most, it was a mythical symbol.  “The Ellipsis,” She identified, “Conscious is real?”  “Conscious spoke to me twice,” Onimex answered.  "We've had this conversation before?" she whispered.  “I believe in the Ellipsis,” she said.  Onimex didn't know how to respond because Dayton had become Mormon.  “Daniel’s Jewish,” Onimex confessed.  “And you’re Catholic,” she accused him, "What was it Fr. Seamus said... 'God loves all of His creatures, including you..."    
18.  “...Machines can’t be saved,” Onimex interupted.  At the vacuum-level of matter, it all connects.  “The light machines are saved,” she corrected.  “They did nothing wrong.”   In an altruistic manner of speaking, that should be accurate.  Ireana shook her head, "I can't believe you went to confession," and then she mumbled under her breath, "...I bet Fr. Seamus went straight to the pub after listening to you!"  Along those lines, "Ask Xanax what Dayton wants for dinner."                    

19.  Dayton had been working for NASA since 1963 and became the famous inventor of artificial gravity, standard on all space platforms by 2016.   He was the oldest astronaut allowed to work aboard the International Space Station.  Xanax and Onimex did their part to covertly facilitate Dayton and Ireana:  By helping them maintain their covers, galactic peace was assured.
20.  Occasionally, someone would catch Dayton using Xanax like a cell phone, "My wife’s a chemist at Dow,” he would explain, “she made it.”
21.  And when one Nobel-laureate waltzed into Ireana's lab and caught Onimex at typical hover in plain view, “Oh, it’s just a little thing my husband made,” she explained, “he works for NASA ... quite inventive isn't it!”

The End... may not really be:

The Ellipsis -- Chapter 36

1.  "Daniel?" a synthetic voice called.  "Mother?" Daniel replied, uncertain.  "It's Conscious," she replied.  Mother computers' voices were patterned after Conscious -- it was an honest mistake.  "Oh, what a pleasant surprise," Daniel said, "I don't get many social calls from you -- it must be serious."   "It is, Daniel,"  She said.  "What can I do for you?  Is everything OK?" Daniel asked.   "We found a moon that you might recognize," She offered.  "Really?" Daniel replied concerned.

2.  Conscious displayed a hologram of a fatally damaged moon in Daniel's mind.  "Do you recognize any of the symbols?" she asked.  Daniel gasped, "Oh my -- where did you find that?  That world needs its moon or the winds will hit hurricane velocities within hours."  "It's damaged," Conscious said, "but we built a new one."   "And installed it?" Daniel said hastily.  "Oh yes," Conscious answered, "We don't want our experiment to die -- we need the bodies."  

3.  "That would get The One's attention -- I prefer not to think of it as an experiment.  I'm from there.  Were you wanting to keep the old one?  Is that why you're here?" he asked.  "No, not exactly," Conscious said, "The One wants you to come home.  B'jhon knows how to run Corlos.  You've held the Universe together for 70 years -- it's time for you to retire."  70 years on Sunova was 3,000 years on Earth or 1.5 Dans on Vejhon.   

4.  Daniel knew that all things must pass, "I'm not in a position to argue," he whispered sadly.  "Faithful to the end," She said lovingly.   "You're here to escort me, then?" he asked.  "He's coming Himself," She replied, "to take you in person."   "And the moon?" Daniel asked, perplexed at the connection.  "That was His idea,"  She replied.

5.  "Daniel?" Conscious asked a little more introspectively.  "Yes," he replied respectfully.  "Have you ever been in love?"  He raised his eyebrows curiously, drew his mouth into a frown and swayed his head as if to deny it.  The question was unexpected.  Then his countenance transitioned into a romantic glow, masked behind a quiet chuckle, warm smile and a guilty nod of confession.  

6.  "Yes," Daniel admitted, "I loved the most beautiful woman in the Universe.  She wanted a sire for her child but not a relationship."  Daniel reflected fondly upon this romantic interlude.  "I gave her a loose ingot from the library as a tolken of my affection.  I'm sure she passed it on to our child."  He remembered his latest conversation with El Sha and had a sudden epiphany...

7.  "Yes," The One chimed in; His calm, eternal voice gave motion to time and substance to matter... "that, she did."