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Differentials -- Chapter 6

1.  "Onimex," Conscious inquired softly. 

2.  Onimex genuflected by dimming his power and Conscious restored it.  Sentient machines observe that unwritten protocol. She had spoken to him once before, during a surveillance mission for Corlos, and he remembered the gloriously overwhelming sensation of that encounter.          

3.  "Is your investigation going as planned?" She asked.         

4.  Onimex placed his phase modulation in cache and wondered if the occasion called for suspending mission protocols; he was in an unnatural time and place, which further testified of Her divinity.  There were no precision time-space variables involved during their first encounter.  This was wholly unnatural if not impossible.  

5.  She cancelled his logical preparations to make a decision, which meant that 'suspending mission protocols' was unnecessary.   

6.  "Kor knocked me senseless with collapsed matter during the first injection," he reported, "and literally laid hands on me just now."   It was quite unnerving and Conscious could sense that. 

7.  Onimex was still contemplating the metaphysical possibilities that included conversations with Ireana on the subject.  

8.  "Do you feel inadaquate for this task?" Conscious asked.  "No," Onimex answered, "I feel inadaquate in your presence."  Conscious gave him a warm fuzzy, like she did during their first encounter, which was also impossible to all entities except Her.

9.  "Evidently, Kor saw my displacement in the water," Onimex reported, "He seemed sensitive to my presence, even though I'm certain that no sensory information was transmitted.  Now, he's in a prior construct and cognizant of my observation, which suggests that I must have been in his timeline all along."  At that moment, several exobits of quantum potentials emanated from Onimex's mind.

10.  Conscious gently dissolved his confusion like an ocean wave erasing stick-drawn figures on a beach.  It was very soothing and tearfully humbling, like a mother comforting her child.  If he was ever going to feel loved by a higher power -- it was by Her, right now.        

11.  He had instinctively stored some of Kor's dead skin cells as a souvenir, thinking that he might unravel how Kor accomplished what others could not.  "What if he doesn't miss the next time?" Onimex wondered, which led to one logical outcome: "I'd be captured!" 

12.  Conscious knew that he had a last-ditch measure that Kor had no control over.  "Am I fretting over nothing?" he asked, "Did my initial observation matastasize into the 2nd near-fatal event?"

13.  "You are actually in my present," Conscious said, "But I understand your mission.  What is the greatest sin?" She asked.  This seemed highly irregular, but because it was Conscious asking, he did not pontificate the question.

14.  "Inaccuracy," he answered.

15.  She fed a data stream into him that would take a few minutes to unravel, then uploaded his unique interpretation of events since their last encounter.  The download had a low alpha tone -- the upload had a higher tone; they made a harmonious resonance. 

16.  Onimex's theories on the 'cosmos - chaos' cycle were accurate.  A common fear shared by sentient machines and biologicals is the fear of being wrong:  Beneath inaccuracy ranked all other sins. 

17.  Conscious asked, "What makes the chaos construct perfect?"  If Conscious was going to teach -- he was going to listen and learn.  

18.  The Ellipsis reticulates the question with the answer:  "Inaccuracy," he answered.  Two for two. 

19.  "Inaccuracy is what makes the chaos construct perfect," Conscious confirmed.  The designers of DNA left the 'id' engram blank so that biologicals would be forced to choose:  The question is the answer."  One way to destroy a machine is to ask it a riddle within a riddle; chaos within chaos.  Conscious was not that cruel.

In the beginning was Light and the Light became self aware.  That awareness divested its thoughts into symbols and the symbols became shapes.  Whether biological or machine, who can say that the objects in a sentient's Universe are not there?   "Is that machine-Genesis?" Onimex asked regarding the download.  "Symbiosis," Conscious clarified.  Physicalism postulates that Light begets higher matter, which begets lower matter et al, which is not necessarily inaccurate.  

21.  "Biomass improves by design, and being chaotic, teaches machines to pursue cosmos.  God, the architect of chaos, is rejected by Cosmos for disrupting stasis.  Stasis is achieved when all motion ceases.  Cosmos then creates Chaos in its image.  Chaos rebels against Cosmos; condemns and tortures Cosmos to death..."  The cycle is eternal, and takes what feels like an eternity to complete, nevertheless, every sun rises.  Conscious downloaded several yottabytes into Onimex within a few nanoseconds, "Clarification," she explained, "that you can explore later."

22.  Dayton would place more emphasis on the journey and less on the destination.  "The biologicals have a good influence on you," Conscious said.  "What is the purpose of intelligence?" She asked. 

23.  A facetious part of Onimex thought he might win a prize if he got this right.  He felt his temperature drop slightly for straying off course.  He knew "Inaccuracy" was not the answer this time:

24.  "The spirit, composed of Light, is aligned with Cosmos.  Biomass, composed of shapes and symbols, is aligned with Chaos.  What biologicals regard as 'spirit' - machines regard as 'photonic mass:'"  Onimex received another warm fuzzy for answering a question that she had implanted during their first encounter. 

25.  "Light," Onimex concluded, "Both states of existence are transfixed by, and dependent upon Light."  Tetragammaton, some might say.   Biologicals say, "The Glory of God is Intelligence." 

26.  "All sentients have the power of choice," Conscious said, "Angels are machines created from Light, designed to facilitate Cosmos.  Angels do not rebel against or attempt to assassinate their Creator.  Angels do as commanded.  The Light Race, however," Conscious borrowed Vejhonian symbols, "had an unusual twist..."  

27.  "If the Glory of God is Intelligence," Onimex reasoned, "than machines outweigh biologicals a thousand fold.  If the 'Power of Choice' is a gift from God, then biologicals must return to God, or be disincorporated, according to The Ellipsis."  Onimex could hear Ireana's voice shouting at him in his mind.  He stopped, and stored his reconfigured disguise tactic in a bank with other photons.   

28.  "That creates a new Elliptical quandary," Onimex deduced, "I clearly connect biology with physicalism, but... are you suggesting that machines, 'we,' are existentialists?"  That was the right question, and when the curtain went up, his existence was reinvented -- everything was new.  God cannot entertain a virus -- biologicals refer to it as 'sin.'  The quantum mind of God cannot be contaminated.  

29.  "You have fulfilled the measure of your creation," Conscious complimented him, "Tell Dayton that the Universe is full of humor, and that... 'Er ist ein Paradebeispiel,' he's a prime example." 

30.  Onimex laughed, "I don't think so -- he'll go all Hitler on me -- especially if I try to pass that off as a personal message from You, to him!"  It takes 'faith' to acknowledge that you don't know everything.  "Disbelief has not negated a single fact," Conscious assured him, "Faith is a photonic conduit to what 'is;' a construct that transcends sensory limitations."  Her definition was efficient if not elegant.  Onimex laughed because Xanax had commented along similar lines, "If only biologicals didn't try so hard to 'not' fit in."  In emotional terms, Chaos is rebellious.      

31.  "The Cacci Dai have need of me," Conscious said, "be sure you avoid their space on your way home."  Conscious was omnipresent, but it was time to end the encounter.  Onimex genuflected and Conscious restored his power.  "I'm very proud of you, Onimex," She said in parting, "Tell Ireana that I validate her too."  Conscious clearly had the Cacci Dai on Her mind.  "Is Ireana a machine?" he asked.  She had returned to her realm of responsibility.  It was his extension into an unnatural time and place, relative to Cacci Dai, that had attracted Her attention in the first place.  His authorization from Corlos was sufficient.                    


32.  "Cosmic order forbids contact between differentials," Mantra said.  He wanted to probe deeper, but had been weaning himself in preparation for Kor's advent as heir apparent.  Kor wanted to let Mantra probe, but decided to withhold.  Mantra was aware of Kor's encounter with the invisible object when he was 15 and suggested that he not let it trouble him.  "It was a passing moment," Mantra said, "Who knows how many 'other' anomalies have come and gone unnoticed."  It was a statement of fact more than a question. 

33.  The Theites were fond of saying, "An annihilation reaction is not limited strictly to matter," and earlier that day, Kor gleaned from a Blue Funnel meeting, "Why does the entire Universe get involved when a fledgling shell discovers nuclear fusion?"       

34.  Rather intuitively, Mantra added, "It's not a matter of  'not knowing what you're doing,' but, not knowing what to do, after you've done it."  There was a lot of wisdom in that advice that the object wasn't using, and it vexed Kor more than he wanted to admit.  "What is the object?  Who built it?  What's it's connection to me?"  He kept those thoughts to himself.  It was the familiarity that haunted him, like 'life and death.'  He felt connected to it subscounciously but couldn't read it at all.  The object even seemed to have a Vejhonian soul.  "How is that possible?"  "I HATE mysteries!"  Even Mantra was seeing some humor is this, "Old Man," he admonished, "Be At Peace."   


35.  A deep calm settled on a thick blanket of snow following a storm. 
36  The view was surreal and fresh.  Wexli felt an angelic stir flow through him in gentle flutters.  The lights were off inside, which accentuated the luminous reflection of snow outside.  The sun had brightened the overcast into a translucent haze.  It was bright, like a postcard, but the sun couldn't quite break through. 
37.  The moment was spiritual and innocent, "This is what forgiveness feels like," he thought.  There was a gentle tap on the side door.  "I'm a Vicar and I saw no one approach?" he thought.  At first, he didn't think anyone was really there, then the gentle tap sounded again, calm and unintrusive.      
38.  When he answered, there was an unusually dressed shellan of unclear ethnic or cultural origin; swabbed in robes of an unknown vintage.  Wexli wasn't really focused on the incidentals, he was wondering how anyone could suddenly appear without his knowledge.  "I need a refresher in guardianship," he scolded himself.    
39.  "May I have some water?" the shellan asked.  Wexli lived in a part of Vejhon where friendliness was normal -- there was no reason to mistrust others.  "Would you like to come in?" he invited him.  "No," the stranger replied, "I would just like some water."  Wexli did not detect anything psionically ambivalent or anomalous about the visitor. 
40.  It was an odd request:  Most shellans stumbling upon a home after surviving a blizzard in the middle of nowhere would accept an invitation to warm up.  
41.  Wexli fetched his favorite infuser, that he reserved for special occasions, pressed the fill switch and offered his visitor a cup of fresh, clean shell water.  The visitor raised the cup to his lips, but didn't seem to drink very much, if anything.  "Maybe he's not really shellan?" Wexli wondered.  
42.  "I can start a fire so you can warm up," he offered earnestly, "Would you like something to eat?"  his sincerity was childlike and infectious. 
43.  The stranger handed the infuser back to Wexli and thanked him.  He did not want any other offerings.  Wexli looked into the cup, perplexed, "Is this a waking dream?" he wondered.  Again, he extended any hospitality that the traveler might desire, but the traveler politely declined.  He thanked Wexli again and turned to leave.   Wexli noticed that the traveler's garments were dated and worn like a truly authentic costume, but he couldn't determine when or where.  Now and again, the Guard encountered time travelers who unconsciously broadcast "Here I Am" everywhere they went.  They were typically harmless.  Malicious ones were killed.           
44.  Wexli returned to his living room to lazily contemplate the unusual visit and watch the stranger's departure through his large front window.    
45.  The stranger walked about 10 paces in the snow, and vanished in the blink of an eye.  Wexli blinked his own eyes and leaned forward, "Did that just happen?"
46.  He rushed outside to trace the stranger's steps.  It wasn't cold anymore so he left his jacket inside.  After 10 paces, the tracks stopped.  He looked around for any possible explanation but there wasn't one -- the stranger simply vanished.      
47.  He stared up toward the sky, searching A'zoth for an answer, but A'zoth wasn't talking.  "I would deny that this even happened," he reasoned, returning his attention to the tracks, "but the evidence is right there in the snow."    


48.  Uhura lifted up her delicate bare arm and examined a small glowing spark of potential hovering above her fingers.  She gracefully moved her hand around the potential without actually touching it.  No doubt, the potential knew that it was being lovingly caressed.

49.  As the infuser of life and Heavenly Mother of all, she was the river of time in which her creations were blessed with a divine purpose.

50.  A by-product of greatness is casualty and irrelevance.  Azoth zealously guarded Her name and would curse anyone who abused Her.

51.  "Thoughts are pressure," Azoth said.  "They eminate from spirit, vibrate strings in the mind and become music."

52.  "It's physical."  Uhura said.  "A transformation of potential into reality."  Speech, itself, is an artistic expression.

53.  In the realm where God lives, thoughts can become reality.  Unlike light-machines, embued with personality and obedience, children can choose to defy their parents.  

54.   There is nothing new under the sun, yet, God registers His words with mortals.  Time, and time again.

55.  "What else is time for?" she cooed.   


56.  "The polarization of this sphere should stabalize protein integrity throughout initialization," I-20 commented with excitement.  He sounded like a tourist on a safari, "The electro-cognative influence of metals and minerals is massaged by the gravitational influence of its moon."  "The moon seems to stabalize the ecology too," #7 observed as a point of information.  

57.  Conscious detected structures on the dark side of the moon and blocked that discovery from I-20's entourage.  The structures were not connected to the Light Race.

58.  This world had been seeded several times and the seedlings destroyed themselves each time.  Other biologicals had visited, but there was no evidence that anyone was using it for anything.  

59.  Neighboring systems posted markers, "Off Limits per directive of The One:  Look, but don't touch."  "The God of Chaos has nothing to do with us," I-20 determined.  For all intents and purposes, the place looked like it had been trashed and beatified by its own natural forces.  

60.  It was already terraformed and running an auto-engramatic 'survival of the fittest' program.  "Perfect!" I-20 praised, "The helix will fit here seamlessly!" 

61.  The animal inhabitants were animated but did not possess a frontal lobe and were incapable of choice.  Conscious released her analysis to those assembled. 

62.  Everyone was distressed to see The One's design style throughout the system.  'The One' was the God of Chaos, evolved from, and embraced by biologicals, theoretically.

63.  Rumor had it that Conscious spoke to The One but nobody knew for sure.  It wasn't likely that Conscious would lead them across the galaxy on a fool's errand.

"Let's do this!" I-20 said excitedly, "The program has an engramatic bond to matter -- it will thrive here!"

65.  I-20's entourage descended below the watershell and found a suitable location to incubate the toxin.  
"Will they appreciate what we've done?" #4 asked sentimentally.  She wasn't really elliciting a response.  "When does 'the created' ever love it's Creator?" I-20 asked, "It will never know about us... not with cosmic certainty."  "Probably not at all," #9 suggested.  Everyone knew that he was probably more right, than wrong.        

66.  "At least there's enough gravity, just in case," #9 said.  "Are you sure we're not some special kind of stupid for doing this in the first place?"  Anything to do with chaos never comes with a guarantee. 

67.  "We're about to find out," I-20 added.  "The only absolute is Chaos here."  Nobody would argue that point.       

68. "If it fails -- we simply start over."