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Written by Ty Narada for Dr. Stern

The Question D scenario compares an American method to a Mexican reality. The American method prescribes a 15-20 year formulated detour to achieve what the Mexican advisee currently enjoys. Does the American comprehend that the Mexican fisherman, a non-subscriber, already realizes the goal of American’s MBA advice?

The religion of capitalism is money, as illustrated by the American who transposed J. P. Morgan’s acquisition ethics into the Mexican’s modus for success. With blind, clerical zeal, the American attempted to persuade the Mexican to abandon the Church of 4 for $1 and join the Church of .25¢ each. The degree of one’s righteousness in the business community equates to one’s material wealth. Capitalist Heaven can be achieved by following the by-laws of having. In the realm of religion, each brand of ‘what we can’t see yet’ is superior to all others. If you are willing to sacrifice your power of reason, faith will see you through.

In the scenario, values are the crucial difference that require dissecting. "I have a full and busy life," the Mexican said. He produced enough means to feed his family, was clearly not on a time clock and his work consumed minimal time. He had considerable time for his wife and children and enjoyed his evenings in an unrushed, leisurely fashion. He did not need anything else and was not interested in change. I would venture that the Mexican had never taken an aspirin in his life.

"The American scoffed…" perhaps the world-view of Americans. We are better than everyone else and have enough guns to get the point across, even in areas of vanity. Our superpower status is a result of the American Way – you should follow our example if you truly wish to emulate us. The arrogant assumption is that the rest of the world envies America. Most Americans who have traveled abroad with an interest in foreign culture have discovered more accurately how America is viewed, and it is not with admiration. The United States is a polyglot representing every ethnicity and religion. Besides a questionable common language and overregulation on just about everything, the pursuit of money becomes the obsessive culture of the rat. If you do not inherit or marry into money; if you do not win a lottery, join the Mob or get elected, your advantage in this country is handicapped only by your lack of ruthlessness.

We are a curiosity, in the same sense that a lower-class citizen might indulge the curiosity of a wealthy person who was simply out appeasing his vanity that day.

America was forged by fighters. Colonial America maintained a chivalrous standard. Post Industrial Revolution America upped the ante with hostile takeovers, industrial espionage and quietly murdered those who threatened the demand for consumption.

Americans with a fighting chance at corporate ladder climbing will attempt to compete rather than accept a lethargic demise. The military becomes attractive to college graduates who desire a quick route to glamour and prestige without earning it. Although there may be exceptions, many business structures are staffed by middle and upper management whose jobs are threatened on a daily basis. That fear causes management to stifle, rather than promote competence found among the lower ranks.

Politics and business both arrived at the same conclusion, that KEEPING ones job supercedes, rather than presupposes the necessity of ‘doing’ it. The workers that create a company’s wealth fall under a different classification; they represent the uneducated ungrateful who will strike if their salaries and working conditions do not meet a union standard. The unions suck additional profits to ensure that working conditions are acceptable. Where the money comes from is irrelevant so long as everyone on the payroll is pacified beyond the company’s means to pay.

The American is giving the Mexican a 100-level crash course on fear; a Grandfather Crisis in which the solution requires state-of-the-art education and as much financial insulation as one can manage. Under this ideal, one pursues more of both than one needs. Leading the pack is a dummy rabbit that symbolizes the following utopia: Money defeats the need for intelligence – where making money represents one science and keeping it represents another. 85% of all lottery winners within 3 years, default to the same financial depravity that existed prior to winning the lottery. They did not know how to ‘keep’ their money. 100% of self-made millionaires, if reset to zero, could reshape their wealth because they ‘know’ how they made it the first time. Most inherited millionaires LOSE the family fortune unless arrangements were stipulated in the will to have the money managed professionally. Inherited millionaires don’t know how to make or keep money and typically commit suicide when the party ends.

Education is the only investment that one can not lose, unless one loses his head.

The Mexican, oblivious to American business epistemology asks, "But how long will all of this take?" The Mexican is oblivious period, but not necessarily stupid; he is happy but not necessarily aware. He has it made, and the devil is offering him hell. As a matter of practice, the Mexican government Nationalizes whatever it needs when backed into a financial corner.

For the sheer thrill of hypothecating 20 years of his life to oblige a sensible business plan, the Mexican could regain his current lifestyle as evidence of his genius. He would no doubt, hire the Harvard graduate to manage his business and all would go according to plan. After the public offering, the Mexican would join the ranks of savvy millionaires and retire to the life that he currently leads. He could sell his ‘road to success’ story to others and perhaps donate the proceeds to a child-saving charity that uses 95% of all donations to cover payroll and administrative costs. The charity might use the remaining 5% to purchase options in munitions manufactures and medical technology intended to supply both sides of the same war and heal the casualties too; whatever it takes to justify their non-profit status and draw larger donations.

Why kill any more minds than we absolutely have to?

I appreciated the moral in the story and the difference between having and being. What appears to be unusual values by one person’s standards, may appeal to someone else. A difference in values usually lies at the root of all conflict. Consider the thousands of paid lobbyists that hound the steps of Capitol Hill every day and the reasons why or why not they succeed or fail to appeal to lawmakers.

Aesthetically, the Mexican has it made and I would think that any sane person would agree, but then again, those are my values and I accept that other opinions may not reflect my own.