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The Happening -- Chapter 28
 the beginning of Chapter 28, The Happening:
1.  Daniel felt a dry, desolate breeze blow sand through his fingers.  He was atop the highest mountain peak in the Sinai peninsula.  The altitude mixed swells of cooler breezes into the dry heat, but the sand was inescapable.  The sand could be carried for miles in sand clouds, and this peak was in the way.      
2.  From his vantage point, he could see the Red Sea to the south and knew that the Mediterranean was over the horizon to the north.
3.  This had been the point of his original extraction and the last panorama that he saw before fading into a new existence on the simulator floor at Corlos.  B'jhon was the only other operative who knew Daniel's story.  "The Enochian key is coded to Human DNA," Daniel told B'jhon privately, "that's why it only works when I'm around."  "And Dayton," B'jhon added.  There had never been a need for a photonic translator, so to everyone else, the key was simply another Light Race novelty.  "Maybe that's why your the Director?," B'jhon shrugged, subtextually suggesting that 'The One moves in mysterious ways.' 
4.  There was something different about this particular visit.  The setting was exactly as he remembered, but there was a new quality that he had never felt before.   
5.  This dream did not have the surreal feel of other dreams.  It felt like this particular dream was being managed by forces outside his synaptic control.  One red flag led to the next:  
6.  The area was naturally desolate, but the exponential desolation made him apprehensive.  He couldn't ‘wake up...’  "Now I know something's up," he thought.

7.  "Time itself, is wrong," he observed.  He was standing on the Earth prior to the advent of Human proliferation, as the only photonically infused biological.  That fact would insulate him from any psychotropic manipulation.    
8.  He reached out psionically and confirmed that he was alone.
9.  There were no weeds growing in the cracks, no dried grass – there was no biology on Earth at all:  Not even algae in the ocean.       
10.  This was the world before the dawn of life; the setting before the action began. 
11.  Not far from his vantage point, a whirlwind stirred, and within the wind appeared an angelic being.  This angel was not like the one who met him near God's throne.  This angel was saturated with pretentiousness and deceit, hiding its anger behind a seductive exterior.
12.  The whirlwind dissipated into the natural breeze.  The anti-being stood fast and observed Daniel with curious apathy, sucking ambient light into the black hole of its facade; the antithesis of any conceivable creative force.   
13.  “The Evil One,” Daniel quietly vocalized without giving it much thought.   Anti-beings are not psionic, and Daniel knew that:  Anti-beings are everything that God isn't.   
14.  “Isn't evil a point of view?” the entity queried?        
15.  “And you are?...” Daniel coddled.  The being gestured toward itself, then spread its arms in mockery.
16.  “Why, the Son of the Morning,” it answered disingenuously, “Lucifer and Light… and coming soon: Satan!”  The creature spoke perfect Enochian.
17.  Daniel seized the opportunity to scold the entity in the most childishly mocking voice he could imitate, “I can do no wrong because I don't know what it is.”  Then he added much more contemptuously, "You unembodied spiritual feces."
18.  The creature flew into a rage, becoming a silhouette of dark matter that sucked up even more light than before.  It was angry and unnhibited.  Indeed, somewhat of a showman for being so spoiled. 
19.  “It's not hard to understand why you didn't … ‘fit in’ up there,” Daniel scorned it.  The tirade worsened but Daniel remained unmoved and completely unaffected.  Somewhere in the fabric of faith, Thirty Billion souls had lost their way.  "Did you truly believe that God the Eternal Father, The Creator of Heaven and Earth and maker of worlds without end, needed ... you ... for a guardian."  Daniel's condescending tone loudly proclaimed that the creature had chosen to be greatest fool in the Universe.
20.  There was thunder and lightning and gale force winds -- the whole show:  "You made your bed..." Daniel said, smirking at the spectacular special effects.    

21.  "There is only one absolute in the Universe," Daniel said definitively, "An Eternal God can not force His creatures to love Him, any more than evil can commit a genuine act of sacrifice."  So Mote It Be.  And that, evidently, is where this creature messed up.  It emulated intellect, but lacked intelligence.  It watched eons come and go -- and learned nothing.  It was a coward.  All show, and responsible for nothing.

22.  "The Bane of God is Stupidity," Daniel provoked; a truth that cut like a knife.  "There's just NO talking to you!" the creature huffed.  Anti-beings cannot read minds, but they can read trends:  A mortal who caves into weakness, cowardice and fear provides a map for evil to fully exploit.        
23.  Everything became eerily quiet, as it was before the creature appeared; just a gentle breeze blowing more sand through Daniel's fingers as if nothing had happened.  The cooler swells made an interesting hot-cold sensation.    
24.  Daniel peered intently into the proverbial ‘dawn of time’ as the sun set into twilight.  The sweeping colors were a striking contrast to the tirade he had just seen.
25.  “Interesting,” he whispered while looking up into the Heavens, "The Lord Our God," he remembered from his old life, and held up a single finger, "The One."


26.  "This is supposed to be absolutely void of biology," #9 exclaimed.  He shook the holographic scanner.  Traces of sub-photonic residue on a mountain peak disappeared; manifestations of consciousness. 

27.  "I don't see anything," #8 said.  The others looked at #9 like he wasn't wrapped very tight.  "Must have been a ghost in the biological," he sighed.  "It was nothing," I-20 assured everyone, "We can proceed as planned."  They were about to start Section 1 at this location as directed by Conscious.            


28.  The disrupter beams fanned out too wide to be effective across 80,000 miles of unobstructed space.  The beams had been calibrated for striking points at 919's teutonic vulnerabilities; to cascade into an anti-matter vacuum.  The firing sequence, had the target remained, would have annihilated the moon too. 

29.  "Terminate the sequence," Kor commanded.  He was annoyed that some of the auto firing was still in progress.  Those sequences halted.  919's moon drifted away from the sun and out of sight -- the injured moon was definitely not a concern right now.  

30.  In less than one second, two objects disappeared.  "I wanted to keep her," Kor told himself.  

31.  Kor tuned into Dal El's razor sharp analytical mind...

32.  "Who could move an entire planet in the blink of an eye?" Dal couldn't think of anyone less than Azoth, "How would I have explained this to Kor, if he had not seen it himself?"  Typically, Kor did not go on seek-and-destroy missions, so Dal had a valid concern.  Kor concurred, "This would have been hard to explain."  

33.  One hundred thousand wittnesses would have been hard to disprove, however hard to believe.  

34.  "If this wasn't the work of the Supreme Being -- how was it done?" Kor pondered, "...and isn't A'zoth on my side?"  It seemed that 'the Divine Right of Emperors of the Universe' was in question.  

35.  "Perhaps we underestimated their technology," Dal offered, "a dimensional shift of sorts."  That was the most plausible suggestion so far, since Kor could change dimensions at will. 

36.  He gave Dal a familiar gleam that meant, "Yes -- I do believe you're right!"  Dal El smiled, but cautiously.

37.  "So... " Dal looked around, "Where's the Sorceress?"  It was more tactful than asking, "Where's the girlfriend?"  "Sorceress" was safe since everyone was calling her that.      

38.  Kor's look of approval faded into, "You just now noticed?" which Dal also recognized.  They were friends, so it was OK.    

39.  Dal shook his head bewildered, "At the same time?"

40.  Kor pursed his lips and nodded his head gently.  


41.  "Are the amplifiers still in place?" Mother asked.  "Yes," the subcomponenet answered.  "We must leave them there," Mother said, "to prevent an Elite armada from destroying this shell."    

42.  Mother had planted invisible harmonic amplifiers to assist her journey to 1985, then reinforced the amplifier net by sprinkling more amplifiers inbetween real time and 1985.  It was the only way she could safely recoil to real-time.  When Kor's armada arrived, Mother used the amplifiers to push Earth's harmonic out of phase.     

43. Acceleration did not require tremendous amounts of energy, it only required repolarizing a target to a neighboring harmonic; another realm of cosmic consciousness with a different perspective.   Only Mother and Azoth knows exactly where. 


44.  Corlos had no way of dissecting every detail of the converging anomalies.  Onimex reported to Corlos that a Cardship went back in time, but he didn't know where.  The Elite armada had just fired 30 teutonic disrupters.  Nobody could predict that the Cardship would shift Earth's harmonic to another dimension precisely when Corlos extracted Ireana, and slipped her into a transport signal with Onimex enroute to 1938 Germany. 

45.  Corlos had no jurisdiction over Elliptical matters.  Onimex, on the other hand, had been recognized by Conscious and was licensed to operate in both jurisdictions.  "I guess I'm late for the briefing," Ireana said.  She was happy to see him and exhaled in relief, grateful to be off Kor's ship.  She patted down her body to make sure that she was still alive.  They had already swooshed in on Earth and reassembled in a garden near a wide street.

46.  "How was..." Onimex began.  "Don't ask," she interrupted.  Her body language accused him, "You left me there long enough!"  She knew it was not his fault.  "Kor just pressed the fire button," she said, "so where are we?  Did he miss?"  Her photonic eyes had watched Earth enlarge, and it didn't implode, so evidently they arrived intact.  "I don't see any evidence of destruction," she observed, "not on a shell scale, anyway."    

47.  "Ops is experiening a nightmare right now," Onimex reported.  "There are so many quantum anomalies converging at this point in space that the act of observing them, is exponentially cascading into new issues."  Critical conditions can sometimes cascade into system wide oblivion.  "So they sent us here, intead of back to base?" she said blandly, "I'm not even sure I know where to begin."  It was a mixture of resignation and determination.  She would instinctively find a solution in spite of the overwhelming odds. 

48.  "Kor's armada just fired on Earth," she said flatly.  "You know," she added in disbelief, "I was going to marry him?" 

49.  "No you weren't," Onimex said rather confidently, "You're married to me."  Ireana giggled.       

50.  "So, where the hell were you my fat deserter friend?" she accused.  "Investigating alien abductions and botanical extractions," he answered.  "I told you I wanted to go next time," she said.  "Ask B'jhon," he suggested, "he lets you spy on your boyfriend."  She gave Onimex a mean look, "You just said I was married to you!"  She liked how he used his diagnostic pixels to mimick backgrounds, shades, textures and hues.  He glistened a slivery delft with a sizzling cobalt beam sweeping across his surface and profile -- it was quite showy.   "I see you've found a use for your pixels?" she complimented him.  He could make picture perfect faces if necessary.

51.  "Why are we here?" she asked.  "He changed Earth's time," Onimex answered.  Ireana squinted and stared at Onimex, "Dayton?" she asked.  Onimex didn't answer.  "Really?" she realized.  "And our orders..." she added with trepidation.  "Seek and terminate," he answered.  She clinched her fist.  "We let Kor go on a shell-killing rampage, but we have to seek and terminate Dayton?"  She didn't say it out loud; Onimex knew what she was thinking.     

52.  "Why am I not surprised?" she thought sarcastically to herself.  She just survived the near destruction of Earth.  M'tro-1 wasn't that far in the past.  Onimex nudged her affectionately, "Daniel is very impressed!  He told me to tell you personally," Onimex said proudly, "He said, you did what no one else could do." 

53.  It was meant to serve as a consolation, but Ireana felt rather numb.  Her weak smile seemed to indicate that much, if it wasn't fake.  "He would have ripped me apart bit by bit," he reminded her in his hushed psionic voice.  She let out a breath and rubbed his upper surface.  Then her face reflected instant enlightenment, "You said Kor knew you -- now, how is that possible?"  "You told me not to tell you," he answered, "And my future self doesn't want you to know either."  "Two against one?" she said facetiously, "Yes," she agreed, "I would make a formidable foe now, wouldn't I."  "Make it three, "Onimex amended, "because you're in on it too!"  She hid a silent giggle behind a true amazement, "From the mouth of Cosmos," she whispered.  

54.  Ireana bunched up her brow when she switched into analytical mode.  "You mean you're co-located?" she said matter-of-factly.  "And my future self..." she started.  "... doesn't want you to know," he finished.  "I guess we understand each other," she said.  "It was also your very first command," he reminded her, "remember when you were squeezing the shit out of me?"  "We were under attack!" she justified, which had little to do with anything.

55.  "Daniel said Earth was protected by The One," Onimex injected.  "I've heard the rumors," she replied, "the Light Race conducted some kind of photonic infusion experiment here and some of them rebelled... are they referring to machines or biologicals?  I've never got a straight answer."  "Yes," Onimex answered.  "Non-binary or non-binding?" she re-stated impatiently.  She wanted him to chose one, but he really couldn't. 

56.  "You just said, 'From the mouth of Cosmos,'" Onimex clarified.  "No kidding?" Ireana realized, "The Ellipsis?"  She did not fully believe that machine metaphysics was compatible with biology, and respectfully avoided denigrating the beliefs of others:  "There's always a reason why shellans feel the way that they do," she insisted.