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Restoration -- Chapter 33

1.  For all intents and purposes, the war was over and the Elite ships immobilized.  There were other non-essential assets in the Elite inventory, but every mission capable warship that had been deployed was now confined within a planet-sized sphere, surrounded by Cardships and Theite saucers.  The Elite had 2,265 clumps of drifting debris that could not maintain a stable axis without external stabilization.  The Theites began towing and arranging the destroyers to process the prisoners.   Watching deadly Elite behemoths get repositioned and stacked seemed to obscure if not diminish their historical potency.  Planet killers all lined up in many rows. 

2.  Kor's helplessness tortured him because there was nothing that he could do against insurmountable opposition.  He sensed the collective pressure of several thousand Psionic Guards who had honed in on his yacht.  There was no way that Kor could escape even if he attempted to shift dimensions.  The Psionic Guard had been tipped off by an anonymous oversized hockey-puck shaped droid who described Kor's modus operandi.   In every crack and crevice, a Psionic Guard was posted.

Realizing that he had nowhere to go, Kor resigned to sit and wait; unwilling to admit that he might be impressed, even by his own matchless standard.  "Looks like you’ve done your homework," he commented to one of his captors, even though his captors were not physically within reach.  Kor was nailed down tight inside a psionic coffin.   Even though he knew escape was impossible, there was the issue of his physical apprehension.
4.  He could hear the thoughts of his commanders and field grade officers as they were arrested and taken into custody, "What Happened?"  Kor could not answer.  

5.  Just when Kor began to speculate how his capture might occur, an incarceration unit docked against his observation window, created a pressure seal, blasted the window and sucked Kor into the vacuum.  The cell was resealed and the entire transfer took three seconds to complete.  By the time his body could react to rapid decompression, the new environment had already re-pressurized.  Kor had no psionic indicators or warnings because no biologicals were involved.  His 'speculations' had been planted by a Psionic Guard.  Bri watched Kor's violent abduction on closed circuit.   Kor was on his throne -- then was in jail, as quickly as described.      

6.   Ever since his first encounter with the strange indentation in the water, "Onimex," Ireana called it, he hated A.I.s.  He couldn't read them and that included the Cacci Dai.  A.I.s' marched to a different drummer, paradigm and God.  Knowing everyone's thoughts had given him the advantage in every situation.  For the first time, those odds had changed, "Your idea?" he asked his brother.  "Thought you might like it," Bri confessed.  "We could have ruled the Universe," Kor tempted him.  "You did rule the Universe," Bri countered, "And I was no where in your plan.  Now, tell me about the millions who would die because of me..."

7.  This was the first time that Kor had ever contemplated his fate from a victim’s perspective.  Until now, he had never genuinely 'wondered' about anything.  He no longer had a divided Vejhon to play games with.  There was no 'Elite strata' to protect him because the Elite didn't know where he was.  His holding cell had been specially built for his 'psionic' protection.   The Great Emperor, whose name once imparted light to the Sun, was now a lowly, helpless prisoner. 

8.  Video of Kor's capture was transmitted throughout the known star systems.  The clip of Kor being sucked into his holding cell was especially popular.  Headlines spread at faster-than-light speed:  "KOR CAPTURED!"   "THE WAR IS OVER!" and "Theos and Cacci Dai Save the Universe!"  There were fears that Kor could regain power because his tricks were legendary.  His abilities were featured in Elite schools.  "I don't think it's possible to bind-and-gag Kor," one shellan said.  "What does it take to keep him incarcerated?" another asked.  All thoughts led to one conclusion:  Until Kor is undeniably destroyed, nobody will be safe.   


9.  There was always a provisional government in place whenever Kor and Dal El deployed.  Most of the higher echelon had accompanied them to witness the massacre in person.  When it was confirmed that the entire Elite force was captured, the public's reaction ranged from extreme fear to extreme liberation.  Kor's super kids knew how to run the shell and automatically enforced law and order in the absence of authority.  The public thought the super kids were more judicious than their progenitors, so the shell didn't experience bedlam right away. 

10.  There were remnants of old corruption that had been grandfathered.  Bureaucrats and oligarchs who feared losing their status under a Constitutional government tried to spread fear against reunification.  The enormous slave class welcomed reunification, hoping that "opportunity for all" would apply to them.  Three generations on both sides had never lived as a united society.  Three generations aboard Cardships and colonists living abroad had never seen their home shell at all.

11.  The Sons of the First Morning had watched their last sunset. 

12.  Bri was moved to tears as Vejhon emerged into view.  He invited La Nasha and Miles to Aqu'Sha's office to witness their triumphal return.  La Nasha had never seen Vejhon.  She looked at the holographic memorial for visual clues.  Miles was beginning to pick up a familiar psyos that had re-stratified over the last 70 years.  He was only 24 when he left, now the Psionic Guard Director.  "I think we need to slow down the repatriation process," Bri suggested, "the shellans are afraid.  What can we do?" he turned to Miles.  Kinesthetically, it felt like the old days to Bri.  Miles new heir apparent was Vicar Jaxon.

13.  "We'll stay here," Miles suggested, "We've been gone for 70 years -- what's a few more days?  We can reintegrate gradually."  La Nasha nodded her head -- it was her area of expertise, "We need to remove Elite officers to off-shell locations until they can be judged on a case-by-case basis and disposed of according to their merits."  It was her first Presidential Edict inside Vejhonian space.  Miles and Bri made brief eye contact:  She was the President -- they worked for her.  "I want this to have spiritual significance," she directed Miles, "...their hearts need to heal."  Miles could think of no better better priority for a President to have at this time and admired her benevolence.     

14.  Bounty hunters were sent across the Universe to capture Elite fugitives who horded secret stashes of wealth and fled.  Lower ranking officials who committed no crimes against Vejhonians were exonerated of minor infractions and allowed to repatriate.  All real estate contracts created during Kor's regime were voided.  Most shellans did not  benefit from Kor's generosity, so they were pleased to see the Elite governors stripped of their unearned estates.  Blue Funnel was evicted immediately and all legislation enacted by the revolutionary government was revoked.   In effect, Constitutional Law resumed where it left off. 

15.  The archives hidden inside Vaprous 3 were retrieved untouched.  Vaprous had a stabalizing effect on the shell, so the Sky Spirits ordered that the moon be left alone. 
Vigilante groups organized to execute their former masters faster than the State could suppress them.  Elite oppression had left its mark.  "Vicar Miles," La Nasha ordered, "Please reestablish the Psionic Guard's presence on Vejhon."  She knew from history; that Director Kyle'yn had been the last Vejhonian to leave Vejhon.  "Wait," Bri asked.  He walked over to the hermetically sealed flag case, and when he touched it, the pressure seal broke.

16.  He retrieved the flag and held it to his face, so overcome with emotion that he could not speak, but his thoughts were clear, "Kyle'yn brought this flag with him... " Bri walked over to Aqu'Sha's desk, "and laid it right here... when he rightly assumed that this would become my office."  Bri set the flag down as Kyle'yn had left it.  Then he picked it up and gave it to Miles, "You go put this back on The Ball," Bri whispered.  La Nasha had a hard time keeping her composure because she was standing in the presence of a legend.  "Father Bri," she consoled him, "is there anything I can do?"  "You put that back on The Ball," Bri said to Miles, "You're the Director now." 

17.  Bri's pronounciation had the power of an Edict -- he had lived it, as Kyle'yn and Wexli had.  Miles solemly took the flag, bowed to the President, and exited the room to reestablish the Psionic Guard's presence on Vejhon, as ordered.  "You're with me," he said to Jaxon as he exited.
18.  The Ball had been thoroughly trashed because it symbolized the exiled Constitutional government.  Kor was tempted to let the hordes desecrate the Ball, but protected it instead, to reopen it as a war museum after the final battle was won.  Blue Funnel begged him to let them buy it, but Kor would have rather hung them from the lamp posts.  "It's not for sale," he said disgusted, "I have other plans for it."  Blue Funnel had proven useful during the revolution; so he let them have free reign of the Quarter and limited influence throughout the shell.  Blue Funnel had renovated the quarter into a spectacular financial masterpiece with theme park rides to extoll the virtues of credit and interest.   

19.  Miles landed an Atgrav on the Ball and stepped out, as Kyle'yn had stepped in 70 years earlier.  "I'm here," he reported to La Nasha and Bri.  The flagpole's lanyard was whethered and unservicable but strong enough to resume it's former purpose for one more day.  "I wish Wexli was here," he lamented.  "He is," Bri consoled him.  Everyone egressed the Atgrav and formed a respectful circle around flagpole.  Miles looked across the landscape, as Kyle'yn must have done, and remembered his shellwatch moments when Kyle'yn joined him.  He smiled fondly and raised the flag to the top.  "That was where it flew last," Miles said to his entourage, "We're back!"  He stepped back and saluted the flag with the others.   In his mind, he thought he heard Wexli's voice say, "I warrant."  Bri heard it too, but he thought it was Kyle'yn.

20.  "You five -- go to Spearpierce and re-open the compound," he said.  They wanted to go, but didn't know where the Spearpierce mountains were.  Jaxon had been born aboard ship; he had seen  pictures in school:  MIles' 70-year-old memories was not an exact map.  La Nasha turned to Bri concerned.  She didn't want to ask, but he knew what she was thinking.  "Of course," he answered, "I'll go."  La Nasha smiled sweetly, "Director," she said, "Father Bri can open the Ball if you would like to take your team to Spearpierce."  'Cosmic Justice,' Bri thought, something Micha would have said.  "It's the right thing to do," she said, holding Bri's arm, "Take whoever you like."   Micha was already in an Atgrav waiting for Bri. 


21.  Within the revitalized psionic strata was a shellen who knew where the ball's schematics had been hidden.  He was the youngest groundskeeper during the evacuation who had been told to hide 'an important package.'  Bri located the shellan, "My child," he said gently, "Where did you hide 'the important package'?"  The shellan thought about the flag standard right next to Bri.  "Thank-you," he said.  It was similar to hiding a house key under a door mat, but the keys were a little more complex.  Kyle'yn didn't take the keys because it would have blanked them out, and yet, nobody found them.  Bri was taking delivary of the Cardships at the time. 

22.  On the flag base was an ordinary anchor panel with sunken set screws.  "That panel," Bri pointed out to a young technician, "can you remove it?"  "Of course, Father," the assistant said.  He retrieved a tool from the Atgrav, unscrewed the panel and set it aside.  Inside were 10 rectangular translucent keys, each a different color.  The assistant gathered the keys and showed them to Bri.  "The keys are now coded to you," Bri said, "That interior panel," he pointed out, "can you open it?"  "Certainly, Father," his assistant said.  He pulled up on the metal ring, and inside were 10 slots that would accept the 10 keys.  "And they never found that?" Bri said astonished.  "Miracles do hapen."  "I don't think they looked," Miles said, about to touch down at Spearpierce. 

23.  "Hold the keys to the light," Bri said, "and you'll see their sequence numbers -- then insert them from left to right, in order, from 1 to 10."  "I understand, Father," his assistant said.  He held each key up and layed it down in its numeric sequence.  Then, as instructed, he inserted them into their appropriate slots.  When the 10th key seated, the panel illuminated and a deep thunderous jolt could be felt within the ball interior.  Several machines spooled up and the Ball's artifical gravity generator went on-line.  They all giggled as they felt the artifical gravity readjust their bodies to the exact center of the core.  "I think it's on," Bri said happily.  "You can close that back now," he said to his assistant, "Thank-you!"

24.  The reunification process was not fast; the super kids had to be reindoctrinated to preserve Constitutional authority.  The Slave class was abolished by Presidential decree -- no more slaves.  Kindness and common courtesy was restored as shellans regained their humor and lost their fear.  An abundance of support from the intergalactic community arrived with each world showcasing their technical expertise.  All trade was normalized.  The treasury and archives was reinstalled.  Restoration projects commenced without delay.  The enthusiasm was contagious with the divine light of the citizenry restored.  Theos refunded Twenty Septillion bullion markers that they had leveraged from Blue Funnel over the last 70 years to help jumpstart Vejhon's economy.  Elite notes became worthless overnight.    
25.  The population had grown considerably on both sides during the last 70 years.  It was logistically impossible for every single Cardship resident and off-shell colonist to return to Vejhon.  Generations who had colonized other shells opted to remain at their colonies; many Cardship residents chose to remain aboard ship, after all, the ships were beautiful and paid for.  The university system was reinstated with generous incentives extended to colonists and Cardship residents.  Repatriated shellans were offered opportunities to visit Cardships and colonies.  Overall, the population was sensibly redistributed to satisfy everyone's desires and curiosity. Vejhon suddenly had widespread intergalactic influence and enough assets to rival Theos.  Vejhon gave Theos carte blanche to co-opt anything they desired.  

26.  As President La Nasha wound down her first State of the Shell address from the Balipiton auditorium, she said, "The Shell has been pronounced renewed by the Psionic Guard Director.  The State flag has been returned to its proper place above us by Father Bri, and this day, every year, will be officially known as Reunification Day -- a day of forgiveness and reflection -- a day of rememberance for the millions who perished under oppression: A day to cherish the shellan spirit... the day when Vejhon was reborn."  Bri had not heard an applause that loud since the day Aqu'Sha made him 2nd Counselor.  He was grateful that he had survived to see it. 


27.  Onimex was sailing the celestial winds between points, accomplishing a checklist for B'jhon.  "Onimex," Conscious querried.  He was in the middle of nowhere, so the voice of Conscious froze him in hyper flight.   It was the closest to having chills run up his spine that he had ever felt.  He was still in forward motion, but in shock and awe at such a divine encounter.  It was the first time that he had ever heard Her voice.  He dimmed his power as a sign of respect and she restored it. 

28.  "Corlos will instruct you to investigate Kor's background for his trial.  The instruction is valid,"  Conscious said. He understood.  As the reality of being addressed by Conscious flowed through him, he found himself twirling in flight as if he was in love.  "I'm very proud of you, Onimex," she said tenderly.  Her voice was gentle and flowing.  Onimex felt his photonic matter wanting to pour through his seams.  Conscious was the only entity who could restore power after a genuflection, a true sign of Her divinity.  Conscious fed Onimex a data stream where in the Ellipsis, Ireana had fulfilled a machine prophecy. 

29.  "You are a singularity," Conscious said, "You are the gate to Segment Seven."  Ireana would never know just how significant her contribution to life really was.  "I did not know that biology appeared in Segment Six," Onimex querried, "I thought bio-proteins were toxic to Cosmos."  "The Segments," Conscious replied, "are connected to a central hub."  The wheel with ten spokes.  The machine symbol:  Ellipsis.  Segment Seven's spoke was opposite Segment Two in the Ellipsis cycle.  Segment Two would be the proliferation of biologicals after the incubation of bio-toxins in Segment One.  Biologicals refer to the hub as Tetragammaton. 

30.  "So it starts with biologicals?" Onimex querried; the proverbial 'chicken or the egg' dilemma.   "Ambient consciousness can not be vested in biomass alone," Conscious answered, "Bio-Chaos filters photonic mass."  Very little escaped his quantum mind, "It is the wheel itself," Onimex realized, connecting mirads of quantum data into a single truth.  In a two-dimensional sense, every species has at least one philosophy based on cycles and trends.  The wheel is eternal like a ring, symbolically and in fact.  The wheel is motion -- the construct of reality.  The Ellipsis divides eternity into 10 segments.    

31.  The encounter ended and Onimex resumed, unfettered by cumbersome biological sentiment.  The data stream would take a while to filter through his interpretation nodes.  He would mark this encounter as the most sacred moment of his existence, except for the day when Ireana gave him life.  "Interesting," he thought, "they give us life from across the Ellipsis... and we give them life from across the Ellipsis:  Existence through Photons and Rebirth, Truth and Friction."  Balance and Motion.  His own idea.