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This Is Where -- Chapter 34

1.  The temple on the Psionic Guard compound had not been properly used since the evacuation.  The Elite considered it contaminated but Kor did not want it destroyed. Vicar Wexli's grandson had become a Psionic Guard and was the first Psionic Guard to inaugurate the perennial 'shellwatch.'  "Your Grandfather would be so proud of you," Miles assured him.  "I feel that he's watching," Solar said.  "Indeed," Miles agreed, looking all around, "I think all of them are."      

2.  Solar took his seat and shellwatch resumed as it had in Dan's past.  It wasn't long before Solar captured something that broke his heart.  His best friend, Vicar Flash and others instinctively joined him, taking shellwatch seats prematurely.  There was a distressed child huddled under a bathroom sink in a motel room.  The child was afraid and Solar felt the boy's fear.  The Director tapped into Solar's empathic suffering and joined him.

3.  "There are lots of remote places that we can't easily get to," Miles said, "which is why we do shellwatch."  Solar felt emotionally compromised.  A model of the shellwatch temple had been constructed aboard ship so that it would  be familiar to the Guards when shellwatch resumed.  "It's OK to have compassion," Jaxon consoled him.  Solar drifted into the boy's mind.  He had been used for illicit purposes by depraved locals and abandoned when the Exiles returned.  Not everyone was able to enjoy the festive atmosphere.  "My son," Solar said softly to the child's mind.  The boy could hear him, and being Vejhonian, understood.  The child was too stressed to speak, and Solar understood why.  

4.  "My son, I am coming to save you.  Be brave until I arrive."  Solar's heart was breaking because he had been made aware of many similar atrocities committed by Kor's oligarchy.  Some of the most hideous crimes occurred when the Elite learned that the party was over and that the rightful owners of Vejhon were coming back.  Miles dispatched some reconditioned super kids to retrieve the child and bring those who hurt him to justice.  The super kids, born and bread to serve Kor, swore an oath to Vejhon's Constitution and accepted the Psionic Guard Director as Vejhon's highest corporeal authority.   "I think I like them," Miles said, "now that they're on our side."  The super kids had sworn their allegiance to the State.  Once The Master was removed from power, their allegiance switched to the reinstated Constitution.    

5.  The shellwatchers observed the super kids, who lived closer to the scene, round up those who had hurt the child and bring them to justice.  Their actions were swift and impartial.  "Do you need to be relieved?"  Miles asked Solar sympathetically.  "My strength, right now, is all this boy has," Solar answered, "I will remain with him."  For every crime the Psionic Guard discovered, 10 others were untraceable because the perpetrators fled and left their victims for dead.  "I want him," Solar said.  "Solar," Flash injected, "You'll be compromised if you adopt every kid in distress."  "Technically -- they're all ours anyway," Solar defended, "But this one has no family... and neither do I."  Solar made eye contact with Miles, "I want to raise him right.  I need too."

6.  Solar's father who was Wexli's son, was very disappointed that he chose to learn guardianship rather than embrace the colonial frontier.   He was proud of his son's choice, but felt abandoned as well -- it was difficult for all involved.  Solar wanted to give the child a normal life while the damage was repairable.  "He wasn't always a slave," Solar reasoned, "he just needs a chance.  He needs me."  Miles knew that the matter transcended contemplation; that he needed to agree, "I warrant."  Solar's friends started ribbing him, "Dad!" they teased him, because Solar now had a son.  "My child," Solar said to the boy.  The boy calmed a little -- he was riding on one of the super kids shoulders.  "You're mine," Solar said to him.  The boy smiled.  "I think Wexli would have approved," Jaxon said to Miles.  Miles grinned, because he would have said the same thing to Wexli about Kyle'yn.    


7.  Onimex returned in three days and downloaded his findings into Sunova, who forwarded copies to Vejhon and Conscious.  Conscious admitted the footage into evidence on behalf of Kor's defense.  Finding an impartial jury was out of the question so a tribunal was commissioned to decided the fate of all defendants.

8.  There was no way to mitigate a death sentence for Kor.  As expected in a free society, self righteous moralists began asking, "What function does a pretentious trial serve?  If Kor's sentence is automatically 'death' -- why go through the formality."  There was no prison that could hold Kor and appropriating 6,000 Psionic Guards to keep him confined was an inexcusable waste of State resources.  "Why 6,000 Guards?" the press asked, "Are they that incompetent?"  "Good question," Miles agreed while watching the holo from his office.    

9.  Theos wanted one of Kor's grid-boards to be refurbished in order to send a strong message throughout the Universe.  It would be used only for the most henious Elite criminals, like Dal El:  "It was good for everyone else -- let's see how he likes it!" the Senate floor clamored.  "Revenge is not justice," Conscious ruled.  The trial exposed the brutal massacre of millions of innocents, "...whose only crime was being in the way."  The testimony of survivors was taken into account.  Vejhonian dissidents had suffered unthinkable depravity without mercy.  Entire species had been annihilated with no known survivor.  Jol wanted to eat the condemned, rather than waste perfectly good food.   DNA is bio-toxic to machines, "Don't injest prisoners," Conscious admonished.   

10.  Kor had not been invited to sit in the courtroom during his trial.  He was allowed to watch the proceedings from his orbiting cell via closed circuit. 
When it was time for pre-sentencing, the court showed the entire Universe clips of mass grid-board executions, where thousands died in less than an hour.  Star charts with missing planets and rare footage of planetary destructions was presented.  After all was said and done, the essence of Kor's regime was an unimaginable horror:  Those who were not among the upper crust, had barely escaped a waking nightmare.  The glitz and glamor only applied to the Elite, favored individuals and the military.     


11.  After relentless deliberation by the Theite judges, Conscious conceded to allow the gridboard since sentient machines were not among the condemned.  The
affair was transmitted throughout the Universe on every available channel -- even children were permitted to watch.  Most of the lessor-known criminals were destroyed without fan fare, but the names of well known criminals were read one by one, with dossier highlights.  At times, the presentation mirrored a sports telecast.  There were only two Universally recognized names that the Universe needed to see destroyed:  Kor and Dal Ell.  Even Uhura and Azoth planned to watch from afar.     

12.  When the time came for Dal El to mount the drop dias, he was booed by thousands of angry Theotians who watched from the stadium.  For every spectator in the stadium, 250,000 others were watching across 15 star systems.  Even secure channels carried the telecast.  Huge stadium monitors presented the Theotian Senate floor, where the actual order to release Dal El's drop disk would come. 

13.  As Dal El awaited his fate, he fixed his gaze upon Kor, whom he had dutifully served to a fault.  He remembered the day when he first heard Kor speak; how Kor made him plunge a dagger into his heart, and then brought him back to life.  After all was said and done, Dal had only one thought, "If I had it to do over again, I would, my friend."  Kor could not remember shedding a tear for anyone, but he felt more pain for Dal than he did for himself.  Besides Mantra, Dal El had been his one true friend and confident.  For his faultless devotion, his Vice Elite deserved better than this.  If Kor was going to pull one more trick out of his sleeve -- it should be for his loyal friend. 

14.  Kor reached out with his arms and closed his eyes -- the disk that Dal stood upon was only a few inches above the searing lazers that would cut him into cauterized cubes.  A split screen showed their faces side by side.  Dal was not concerned.  At the moment his disk shattered, it was unclear whether he had fallen through or if he had vanished in mid air.  The Psionic Guard had not applied the same security measures to Dal El because he did not pose a security risk.  Most of the spectators assumed that he fell through the grid so fast that there was nothing to see, but instant replays told a different story:  Dal did not fall through -- he vanished!

15.  As the instant replays began to confirm the reality of Dal's disappearance, Kor vanished too!  Panic swept the Universe!  "Guards!" one commentator wailed, "It's over!  We're all dead, now!"  Director Miles got personally involved in the search.  When it seemed certain that evil would triumph over good, Father Bri stood up to calm the crowd.  He was given a floating microphone.  "Citizens," Bri said.  "Don't feed fear with more fear -- we've suffered 70 years of fear!  Stop what you're thinking and listen to me right now."  The stadium quieted down.

16.  "Right now, the entire Universe is listening to my voice," Bri continued, "This is an Elite trick!"  Bri waved toward the spectators to include all who might be watching, "Do you think that the collective consciousness of the entire Universe is helpless against two wayward souls?  Do you think that the entire Universe can be defeated by the sinister motives of two murderers?  You're selling yourselves short," Bri admonished them, "Your potential is above this:  Don't allow these criminals to distort your reality any longer."   Bri had their attention, just like the old days.  "But how Farther Bri?" they asked, "We want to...but how?" 

17.  "Think them back!" Bri said to them.  It sounded innocuous and lacked complexity, "Think them back!"  It was terribly oversimplified.  Over thinking was precisely the problem.  "Think them back," Bri continued, "we could have done that 70 years ago, but we had to circumnavigate the Universe in order to discover that it really was 'all in our heads.'  We had the answer all along.  Think them back!"  If Father Bri was saying it -- there must be something to it.  "Think them back?"  "Your thoughts can become reality -- think them back."  The entire Universe heard it and echoed the line curiously.  "They cannot hide in a state that is unnatural to them," Bri explained, "and they cannot be very far," he reassured them.

18.  The audience began to calm.  "Think them back," Bri coached, "... your thoughts can become reality."  The shellans believed in Bri.  "Yeah," some of them agreed, "Think them back!  Maybe it isn't so stupid?"  Voices gradually swept across the stadium and spread to the outter reaches.  Even the Theotian Senate chimed in.  Bri was pleased to have so much support.  The crowd chanted it two more times and then a ball of light exploded above the point where Dal El's drop disk had shattered.  This time, Dal El reappeared and fell through the grid beyond any reasonable doubt.  His demise was beyond question and the cameras could prove it definitively.

19.  It would normally be considered rude to cheer when someone died, but this particular individual had instigated the deaths of millions.  "You did that!" Bri congratulated them, "You did that in the name of justice!" 
The sudden revision in psyos helped the Psionic Guard to locate Kor and return him to his holding pen.  He had not gone far because a psionic wall surrounded his holding pen in multiple dimensions.  If the 'fear' had continued to fester, Kor might have slipped through a crack, rescued Dal El and fled to a safe house to regroup.    

20.  "You would betray your own brother?" Kor said out loud.  Those were the only words that Kor spoke since his capture.  The crowd quieted to hear if Kor would say more.  The media replayed his comment for those watching the telecast.  "So, what does that mean?" one commentator asked, "...betray your own brother?  Who's he talking to?"  Nobody knew that Kor had a brother; the entire Elite were his brothers.  One cameraman displayed Kor and Bri, side-by-side, and dug up available stock footage that went as far back in time as possible.  It did not take a computer morphing genius to see a striking resemblence.  It was almost supernatural how the stadium achieved that realization.  It was unbelievable but made perfect sense:  "Is this really possible?" one commentator whispered.  

21.  "Amazing," another commentator said, "You can certainly understand why they wouldn't want to draw attention to their relationship... wait... "  Bri was about to speak, "You made this choice, Kor," Bri said, "You've hated me since we were kids.  You wanted to kill me.  You said because of 'me' ...  millions of shellans would die."  It was an emotional moment for Bri, "I would love to have talked to you for just 5 minutes on the level.  I wanted us to be brothers, but you didn't want me in your life... and I never knew why!  And now after all is said and done -- I accept that you are not mine.  You are NOT my brother!"  Bri pointed at a random shellan, "HE is my brother," then to another shellan, "HE is my brother!"  He opened his arms toward the entire stadium, "They are ALL my brothers!"  Then he redirected his attention toward Kor's holding pen, "But you are not."  "The innocent shellans you slaughtered were my family," Bri said psionically to all who could hear.  He included everyone throughout the Universe who was watching. 

22.  A female commentator quietly narrated, "We've learned some things about Father Bri that for obvious reasons, could not come out until now."  "The incredible pain that he must have carried with him all these years," her co-host continued, "knowing that your arch enemy is your own brother."  "We just had it confirmed by Bri psionically," she said, "that they are twin brothers."  The entire Universe was made aware of new information as quickly as it came in.  Bri was still not without a heart, privately, he whispered, "It's too late now -- I can't help you.  Even if I wanted to."

23.  On Corlos, Daniel was making a call to El Sha.   She would have pardoned Kor for preserving her home, since the area was under Kor's personal protection.  She had flatly refused to attend her son's execution or sit in the VIP box with her other son.  It was the 'plural' aspect that concerned Daniel.  After 70 years, El Sha looked like she had aged maybe 1 or 2 days.  "Darling," she told him as serenely as possible, "you never asked... are you saying that you ..." she omitted his name, "... of all shellans, didn't know something?"  It was clearly too late to change the outcome.  He thought her insult was unfair.  "Would 'knowing' have changed anything?" she asked.  He lowered his phone, frozen in the moment; sifting through an alternate set of abstract equasions.          

24.  Kor's holding pen was mobile:  It was anticipated that the entire pen might might need to be dropped through the grid boards.  "You don't have to do that," Kor said, as his jailers began to maneuver his pen.  "I can go out like a shellan."  His keepers sought a Psionic Guard for guidance.  Miles looked at Bri who nodded his head.   It was unlikely that Kor would try any more tricks since the entire Universe knew how to contain him now.  His only friend was dead.  He had lost everything, "What else does he have to live for, really?" one commentator asked.  "It certainly wasn't for any of us," his co-host replied.  "This is unprecedented," the Balipor anchor interrupted, as a sky camera  zoomed in on Kor's holding cage...

25.  "They're going to let him walk, on his own, to the drop disk.  After an impressive display when we nearly lost him, they're going to let him 'go out like a shellan' the Guard reports."  Another host commented, "This is the shellan who gained the entire Universe, and lost it all... like some Jolvian tragedy."  There were Jolvian spectators too.  The penkeeper opened the cage door and permitted Kor to walk the path to his disk.  Kor made no attempt to deviate.  This time, the Guards had him wrapped so tightly that his farts would have become diamonds. 

26.  "I don't need the disk," Kor said out loud, "You can hurl me through if you wish."  That was precisely what happened:  They didn't want to torture him, they wanted his corporeal form to cease to exist.  The cameras caught everything:  He was levitated by a unified psionic force and slammed through the grid.  His cauterized pieces dissolved into the acid mat below.  Some shellans jumped at the suddenness of it.  "There was no time for sentiment with that one," a commentator said, "it was as if everyone's collective thoughts slammed him right through." "Wow!" exclaimed another, "I thought there would be some 'final word' or a... dramatic end, but it looks like the Universe just wanted it to be over!"  "I'd say!" another commentator agreed.  Daniel wept.

27.  A spiritual silence fell over the stadium and a soft luminescent glow appeared.  Nothing within the glow looked tangible, but it felt like the presence of God, The One.  "There's some other phenomena taking place above the stadium," a commentator said gently.  "We're witnessing live history," another added.  All eyes looked up at the Presidential platform to acknowledge Bri's grief.  President La Nasha knew that everyone was looking at Father Bri, as she was.  He raised his arms once more in salute and blessing, "Vejhon has been restored!"  Those were his last words as a corporeal being.   

28.  "What an incredible life and an amazing shellan!" a commentator said emotionally, "I'm grateful I lived to witness this day!"  Shellans reached out to touch Bri because he had led them through difficult times and suffered more grief than any one shellan should be expected to bare.  All throughout, his concern was for them.  Bri was very touched to be the focus of so much affection.  He was still hurting and trying very hard to repress his pain.  Kor had been a casualty, and there was still much healing that needed to happen.  They cared for him in spite of his resistance.  So he quit resisting.    

29.  "What's happening to him?" a commentator observed.  Unusual bands of light began to swirl around him and the grid board suddenly exploded, as if destroyed by a higher power.  The entire stadium began to glow within a translucent fog that felt like the presence of God.  There were flashes of dry heat without rain and the effect was spectacular.  President La Nasha felt the loving caress of an Angel's hand gently remove her arm from Father Bri.  His chest suddenly exploded into brilliant beams of light that stabbed outward until his whole body became inflamed in a radiant glorified form.  The radiance was blinding! 

30.  "If I hadn't seen this..." a commentator whispered without finishing.  He had donned his sun glasses.  Glorified beings descended from the light and mingled with shellans in the stands.  "Are those loved ones of the deceased?" a commentator asked.  The sight was indescribable -- it seemed like Heaven was mingling with mere mortals.  "He really was from The One," another commentator said reverently.   The rhyme stood to reason:  Bri had been sent by God to serve Vejhon. El Sha stood up in front of her own monitor at home and clutched her chest expectantly, "He who was born into light," she lipped silently. 

31.  Father Bri's glorified form gravitated toward the cloud of light, where The One would receive his translated servant in person.  Other personages seemed visible below the cloud, personages who had played a significant role in Bri's early life; Wexli, Aqu'Sha and Kyle'yn were recognized among them.

32.  Bri spread his arms in blessing as he rose into the light, and a soft, subsonic, rumbling voice said, "My Peace, I Leave With You."  It was The One's voice.

33.  Many got religion for the first time that day.   

34.  For all of the euphoria, which would last for many weeks, there was still one untidy loose end; a singularity of sorts...